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MORE Pictures submitted by web visitors


Have you made one of my projects? If yes then send me a picture! I would love to post it right here on this page!!!






Here is a Daedric War Axe made by Jake following my tutorial. Wow, it came out great. My thanks go to him for sending in the picture!











Here is a chainmail coif made by Pierre. Wow, it came out great! My thanks go to him for sharing the picture with us!! He shares with us some wonderful information on making it:

I am Pierre Roux, a university student(Bsc. IT&Statistics) from South Africa.
The whole coif weighs 2 560g, at 1.1g per ring this adds up to about 2 327 rings in total. Ring size is 14mm(diameter) made with 1.5mm wire(16 gauge?)
Without Will Kalif's chainmail coif tutorial i would never have known how to make this, but I did make same changes like -increased the height of the chin piece so it doesn't dangle underneath the chin -added diagonal support at the cheekbones to lift up the chin-piece (giving it the V-shape) -connected edge rings with each other using tiny rings to give the more defined edge around the mouth and eyebrows This used about 100m of wire and was done in about 20 hours in total...everyone should have a coif against the menace of teenage vampire movies :P

Note: Pierre has also made a chainmail glove which is quite amazing. Check it out here: ChainMail Glove

Pierre has also made a chainmail glove check it out here


Here is the set of Daedric weapons made by Ethan.

It includes the daedric dagger, the daedric sword and the daedric two-hander. Nice job by Ethan. They came out great and my thanks go to him for sharing the pic with us!!!
















Here is some chainmail made by Ace! My thanks go to Ace for sharing the pic with us and it is coming out great!

Here is some chainmail made by Robert. It looks great! My thanks go to him for sending in the pic. I really like the neckpiece.

Here is some chainmail made by Nathaniel. You can make chainmail by following my tutorial here.



Here are a couple of terrific projects made by Allister. He made the Skyrim Iron helmet and the AC Tomahawk. Wow, they came out great and my thanks go to him for sharing the pictures with us!


Here is an artificial bonsai tree that was made by Blake following my tutorial. You can make one too! The tutorial on how is right here: Make an artificial bonsai tree that looks great


Here is the complete set of Spartan armor that was made by Holly for her son! Wow it came out great. If you want to make Spartan Gear I have all the tutorials right here.


Here is a Corvos Blade made by Matt. It came out great. And he made some terrific modifications. Here is what he says: I made a few alterations to it. The blade is tapered, I did this using a slightly smaller piece and paper clay on the edges. The grip is a dry brush technique. I used it on the blade its self as well. (Want to Make Corvo's blade like this? I have the tutorial right here.)


Here is a terrific project made by Jim. It is the tower of Pringle the Presitidigitator. It looks great and is a creative way to use a Pringles can! My thanks go to Jim for sharing this project with us!

Here is a hidden blade made by a web visitor (Vile). It came out great and is made of wood. My tutorial on how to make a cardboard hidden blade is here.


Here is a piece of chainmail made by Brandon. He did this by watching my youtube video on how to make chainmail. He will be making the complete suit of chainmail.


Here is the Corvo's Mask made by Tyler. It came out great and my thanks go to him for sharing the pic with us! If you want to make this mask the tutorial is here



Here is the origami sword made by Jamie. He modified my design a little bit to make it a zelda sword! Nice work and great creativity!!!!

Here is the tutorial if you want to make an Origami Sword













Here is the skyrim Iron helmet made by Maria. Wow it came out great and it was used for a Halloween costume. My thanks go to her for sharing the pic with us! (Want to make one? The tutorial is here)


Here is a hauberk made by Chris. It came out terrific! My thanks go to him for sharing it with us. If you want to make chainmail my tutorial is here. Make chainmail

Here is a fantastic miniature sculpted by Kaz. He sculpted the figure and also made the very realistic looking miniature armor. You can see more about this project on my webpage here.




Ryan has made the Daedric Dagger from my tutorial. It came out great. My thanks go to him for sending in the picture!


Here is a pair of AC tomahawks made by Ryan. He made the pair so he could dual wield. One is with a feather and one is without. You can see the tutorial on how to make these right here.


Here is a terrific Spartan Helmet made by Stacy. She used my Spartan helmet tutorial and modified it to be an Athena helmet for halloween! It came out great!! My thanks go to her for sending in the picture!!!



Here is a terrific Link sword and shield pair made by Paul. He made this for his sons Halloween Costume and he tells us a bit about how he made them:

I found your site, and started with your templates.  I ended up going with a different Shield template that had a slightly different design, but i used your sword template and just modified the colors and added some cutouts to the guard pieces.
The shield is about 20" high and the sword is about 3.5'.  I also found a wooden piece at a craft store that i painted and attached to the end of the handle that i thought tied it together and also ended up making it quite balanced.  There are also Silver balls i found at the craft store, cut in half and attached to the shield to look like rivets. 

My tutorials for these projects are here: Make the Zelda Sword, make the zelda Hylian shield

Earlier I showed you some helmets Randy was working on. He finished them and they came out fantastic! These were for a party where they healed a troll, fought a dark night, did archery to free a dragon and had a wheel barrow joust target challenge. Along the way they collected relics and a shield from each cardinal direction then placed them on the table to reform the lost round table. And the sword was pulled from the stone.

Wow! That was an adventure and they had the helmets for it!!!

Chris has made some terrific stuff from my tutorials. here is the daedric axe, daedric helmet, and dagger. And he improvised his own big two edged axe. They all came out great!


Here is the Pencil crossbow made by Jen and Barb in PA. They call it the Grape Ape! My thanks to her for sending in the pic and if you want to make it the tutorial is here.


And here is a sweetroll made by Caton! Wow! It looks delicious. My thanks go to Caton for making the project and sending in the pic!


Here is a daedric greatsword and a pair of daedric daggers made by Jon. And WOW! That carved handle looks fantastic. My thanks go to him for sending the pictures in.






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