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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions
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Will's Vlog


Once a week; Every friday at noon time I go for a walk to the local restaurant and orders Fish & Chips. I bring the order home, set it on a table and eat. Kind of a simple thing.

Over this video I have a little talk. Not sure what to call it, but I talk about things. It's a little bit different but this is my vlog.

All the videos are right here in this playlist. Not really terrific eye candy. I recommend you just play the videos and listen while you work or have other things you are doing. Even though it's a vlog it is more about the art of talking and listening

Vlog Episode Overviews:

#1. Inspiration and Motivation

#2. Learning, Creativity and Failing

#3. The concept of Renaissance Man

#4. Questing in Games and in your life

#5. The concept of step-laddering

#6. Aardvard to Zygote

#7. Magic

#8. The sizzle and the steak

#9. Money

#10 Kintsugi

#11 One Remarkable Thing

#12 Good and Evil

#13 DejaVu and Castles

#14 Generational Quests, Beasts of Burden and Blacksmithing

#15 Travel

#16 The Furnace of All Creation

#17 The Art of Patience

#18 Spices and Gratitude

#19 Earth and Sky

#20 Meaning

#21 Change

#22 Travel, epiphanies and Phoenix Arizona


Here are all the vlog videos in a youtube playlist here: