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List of Telescope Makers

Over the decades there have been a whole lot of telescope makers. For the most part I am sticking with mass producers of scopes. But I have included specialty makers of note.

For each company I have also included a telescope that nicely represents what they make.



Celestron - Considered by many to be the #1 telescope maker. They have been around in various forms since 1960 and in 1970 they cemented their place in the telescope world with their iconic orange tube 8" Schmidt Cassegrain telescope (The Celestron C-8) Since then they have continued to increase their portfolio of telescopes and have continued to develop new technology for astronomers. They make a full range of telescopes of many types including refractor, newtonian reflectors, schmidt-cassegrain, astrophotography specialty scopes, and a highly rated family of binoculars. Celestron Telescopes on

Here is the official Celestron website

Meade - This is also a premiere telescope company on par with Celestron. Founded in 1972 hey continued to grow and develop until 1980 when they released their Model 2080 8" Schmidt Cassegrain. Since then they have continued to grow and develop their line of telescopes which include some astonishing 16 inch scopes both of the schmidt-cassegrain type and a newtonian dobsonian. Meade Telescopes on

Here is the official Meade website

Orion - They have been in business selling telescopes since 1975. And they are the leader when it comes to telescopes for the consumer market and the casual telescope user. They have a strong line of smaller and less expensive telescopes. But they also do sell telescopes for intermediate and advanced amateur astronomers. Orion Telescopes on

Here is the official Orion website

Vixen Optics - A Japanese company that has been making optics since 1949. They have a reputation for quality and make a variety of different scopes with a definite niche of short focal length refractors of high quality. Vixen Telescopes on

The Official Vixen Optics Website

Tasco - They make a line of entry level telescopes for beginners and children that are affordable. They are typically 60-70mm refractors like you see here. Tasco Telescopes on


More Coming including:





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