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A look at Construct - An easy way to make video games that are browser playable

Construct is a video game creation program by the Scirra company. I have downloaded the free trial and given it some time. It's a pretty easy to use program that is logical and works well.

If you are totally new to game making but want to give it a try this might be a good option for you.

You can download the free trial software for Construct and if you like it and want to publish a game you can upgrade to the very reasonably priced Standard Edition of Construct 2.

And if you are going to blow the lid off of this and make some serious money with it you can upgrade to the professional edition.


The Name of the company that creates the Construct game making program is called Scirra and you can check ou their website right here:


Two Very Big Benefits to this game making program:

1. You can download a free version that allows you to do a lot of stuff. And with the tutorials they have on their website you can get a lot done. Get a real feel for the program, see how easy it is, and see if it is right for you.

2. The games are played in a web browser - And this is a real big bonus that takes a lot of the complexity out of designing and playing a game.


So, how do you make a game with this program?

Well, game making is a very creative process and with a program like this you are only limited by your imagination but let me give you a quick overview of the process.

You work in a workspace like the one shown below. The center area is the place where we see what the game is looking like. I have already placed a background tile.




Now from here we place various objects called sprites that we can manipulate. The picture at left is a closeup of the workspace. On the left is our player and on the right are three monsters.

(And note: The program comes with graphics but you can design your own! This is half the fun! create your own players, monsters, backgrounds and more.)




Now, from here we would assign various properties and variables to our sprites in the game. I have selected our player and now we can change/modify the way the player behaves by modifying the properties on the left.













Things have to happen in the game right? These things that happen are called events. Lets say you want your player to fire a bullet when you press the mouse button. This would be an event and you can easily assign that to the player. Here is a screen shot of an event. You simply assign a variety of events that will, or possibly will happen.


Okay, this is all a pretty basic overview of how a game is made with Construct2 but it should give you a pretty good idea of how it is done and whether or not it is right for your game making!

If you want to download the free software or learn more about it check out the website here: Construct2 by Scirra

And if you want to get a quick look at how it is used to make a game here is a video:


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