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Steels for Knifemaking part 2

On the previous page of this lesson I talked about the various types of steel used in knife making and I showed you some of them. In this part of the tutorial I show you the pieces that I ordered and I tell you a little bit about them.


Here are two pictures of the tool steel that I ordered. They are each 18 inches long and 2 inches wide. One is 1/8 inch thick and the other is 3/16 inch thick . I should be able to get 4-6 knives out of these depending on how I design them.

01 steel  Thickness of steel


One terrific thing about the tool steel from this company (Starrett - ordered through amazon) is that they have clearly labeled out some specific information for me.

  • Hardening: 1450 to 1500 degrees F, oil quench
  • Tempering 300-350 for one hour yields a hardness of 62/64, 400-450 for one hour yields a hardness of 58/60, and 800-850 for one hour yields 48/52


Continue on with the knifemaking tutorial:


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