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How to Make a Sword Quench

If you are making swords you will need some kind of a way to quench it in oil to harden and temper it.

There are a whole lot of ways to do this and on single edged swords you can use some kind of a shallow container like a trough. But if you are making double edges weapons you might want to make some kind of a vertical tube setup so you can dip the sword right into it.

This is a tutorial on a quick and easy quench that I made out of pvc tube.

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This picture shows my sword quench (the white tube on the left) right alongside my sword forge.

Picture of the sword quench



The Sword Quench

This picture shows the completed quench with a sword hanging in it.

It is a pretty simple setup with the tube assembly and a wooden stand. The wooden stand is a thick piece of plywood at the bottom and the rest of it is 1x1 pine. Just screw it all together.

One quick note about the wooden stand.

The end cap on the pipe is of course larger in diameter than the pipe itself. So you might want to build the wood assembly in a way that it has a little extra room so you can take the tube out of the stand.




The Base

Here is a look at the base of the wooden assembly. The pipe cap has a square section on it so I made a nice little square section on the base of the stand. This way the pipe could stand right in it.







Adding the bottom coverThe tube is a 24 inch long piece of pvc pipe that is 4 inches in diameter. I bought an end piece with threads and a threaded cap for it. Just assemble them all together to close off the bottom end of the pipe. The purple stuff is primer. I applied primer and plumbers glue to it all to seal it all together.

I bought all this stuff at home depot for a few dollars.





Quenching a swordSummary

It's a pretty simple thing and you can whip up just about anything. A couple of rules of thumb are that it has to be liquid tight so your oil doesn't seep out and it has to be pretty stable. You don't want it tipping over while you are dipping a red hot sword in it!





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