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The Mini Blacksmithing Forge

I love this little forge. It is convenient and easy.


It took me five minutes to put it together and then it took me ten minutes to get it going. I clamped it right to the top of an anvil and I was making things in no time at all.

I started out with hardwood lump charcoal and it was great. Then I started adding in anthracite coal and it was great.

If you want to check it out I bought this exactly on amazon here: Mini Blacksmithing forge

Watch my video about it:

In this video Will makes miniature swords out of nails. If you would like to own one you can! Do it either by signing up as a patron supporting Will in his quest or you can simply buy one through etsy! Here is the link to Will's etsy shop.



Blacksmithing for beginners book

Get Will's Blacksmithing book - 48 pages of blacksmithing expertise that answers all your questions and gets you blacksmithing. Always dreamed of doing it? Let Will help you get forging! Will's Blacksmithing ebook

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