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Make the Estes Yankee rocket


This is a fun little rocket that can be put together in no time. It is light and fast and it flies very high. It is rcovered by a streamer rather than a parachute because it is light.



The completed Yankee

Let's take a look at the parts and materials. The instructions that come with the rocket explains all this. The picture on the left is the rocket kit. And the picture on the right is the tools and stuff you will need including a ruler, scissors, plastic cement, pencil, masking tape, sand paper, wood glue and paints.

The kit parts the tools and materials

The first thing we do is assemble the two halves of the nose cone together. You use your plastic cement for this.

Glue the nose cone halves  The nose cone is glued

Next we prepare the fins. Note: When preparing the fins, you'll need tocut out a diagram of the shape from the front page of the directions labeled as "PATTERN SECTION" using your scissors. Be aware that on the back of this template are the instructions for installing the engine block. A bit of a conundrum. We took a photo ofthe the instructions before we began cutting. You could do the same or if its is more convenient the instructions manual is available on the estes website. You could print up another copy.

Do not throw away any pieces of the instruction manual whether you used it or not.

Cut the Pattern Section out.

Cut the pattern section out

But the backside of that cut has directions that you need so beware of that, keep as much of it as you can!

back of pattern

Cut out the Fin Guide and use it as a template, tracing three of it onto the balsa wood.

cut out fin template  trace three fins with template


The three fins

Once all three are traced, go ahead and cut them out.

round with sand paper

Sand any burrs off the fins and round off the leading edges.

Now we are going to glue those fins to the tube, but first the tube needs to be marked where they go.


NextLet's continue making this rocket



Estes 1381 Yankee Flying Model Rocket Kit

This Estes rocket is a Yankee "doodle dandy"! The patriotic Yankee is a super performance model with a one-of-a-kind shaped nose cone. The aerodynamic nose cone and powerful Estes engines give this patriot the extra push it needs to fly 1,850 feet into the atmosphere returning safely with a neon orange streamer. Rocketeers aged 10 and up can enjoy high-altitude thrills, with adult supervision for children under 12.


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