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One of my passions is travel. I love it. And I do it as often as possible. Which is of course not often enough. Here in this section you can find various articles and pictures from my travels around the world.

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The Castles of India

The Castles of India

India has some absolutely stunning castles. Suprising but true. Check out the Castles of India


The Cloisters

The Cloisters in New York

The Cloisters is a spectacular museum in New York. The Museum itself is actually a medieval museum. In the 1930's the Metropolitan museum disassembled five Medieval abbeys in Europe then reassembled them together in NY. Wow, Wonderful medieval museum with lots of wonderful medieval items.

The Cloisters in New York


Blarney Castle

The Castles of Ireland

I took a trip to Ireland with the sole purpose of seeing some of the castles. And that I did! I have lots of pictures and information abou these amazing structures. The Castles of Ireland


Ladd Observatory

Observatory in Providence

The Ladd Observatory is a wonderful place that is part of Brown University. it houses a 12 inch refractor telescope that is over 100 years old. Learn more about my trip here: The Ladd observatory in Providence


The Parthenon

A Trip to Greece

It truly is an amazing and beautiful place and I got to see a bit of it including Athens, the acropolis, Meteora and the famous island of Hydra. A Trip to Greece


Himeji castle

A Trip to Japan

I spent some time on the mainland and on Okinawa. Japan is truly an amazing place and one of the highlights for me was tracking down a good samurai sword. A trip to Japan


Boston Bonsai

Bonsai in Boston

Harvard University has an arboretum south of Boston. It is a beautiful collection of trees and plants in a large park like setting. It also has a magnificent bonsai collection. The Bonsai in Boston


Will and the Pyramid

A Trip to Egypt

A whole lot of fun and a grand adventure. Here is some info with pics about Egypt, the pyramids, sphinx, museums and more. Egypt


Coming: Mexico, Germany, Paris and more