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What is StormTheCastle.com?

StormTheCastle represents a revival of the hobbyist. It's open to the public, providing hands-on knowledge in a technical, modern world. It's a rekindling of childhood, a motivating force driving individuals toward exploring new arenas of creativity; beckoning children and parents alike to tackle exciting new projects, for academic or personal use. It's a community in which hobbyists and enthusiasts alike can glean and share their expertise in an open-minded, supportive atmosphere. StormTheCastle's main priority is to encourage and nourish critical thinking, self-expression, self-motivation, and to spread the therapeutic joy of working with ones hands.

StormTheCastle provides the world with thousands of pages of completely free tutorials, ideas and articles on a wide range of subjects. Our goal is to continue sharing this information with anyone who wants it, to remind others that entertainment does not always have to come from the store, and to encourage family bonding without breaking the bank. Our tutorials are focused on using easily accessible and often quite commonplace items most people have lying around their homes, or items that are very affordable and can be found in most stores. Everything you see on this site can be made by hand, and every project listed has been made personally by a member of our team. Though the projects may range in supply cost and difficulty, our point is to show that with imagination and creativity, one dollar is worth a million when you're having home-made fun.

Why do we do it?

You're probably wondering why we do this and how it is possible. What's the catch? There is no catch. We generate our revenue through page views, referrals through Amazon, and advertisements. The StormTheCastle team members are genuinely ecstatic to share our collective knowledge with the world about our favorite hobby subjects. We all have our own unique reasons for being inspired by what we're doing. Will Kalif, the owner and founder of StormTheCastle, created his youtube channel Epic Fantasy, after looking around on the internet and discovering that the World Wide Web was lacking a decent tutorial on how to make a catapult. Much like a projectile, the birth of StormTheCastle.com took off with that idea. We have nothing up our sleeves, and nothing under out hats. We share this to make you happy, because that's what makes us happy.

What if I have any feedback?

Feedback is welcome and encouraged. You can always contact us with comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. We will get back to you in as timely a fashion as possible. If you've made one of our projects, or have made a project you believe would fit in with the theme of our website, tell us about it! There is a good chance we'll post it up for you. We value each and every person who takes the time out of their day to communicate with us, no matter what it's about.


Will does interviews

Do you have a podcast, vlog, or radio show?

Will does interviews. Just send him an email. Let's discuss what we can talk about. Some of the common subjects Will covers are telescopes and his new telescope book, mead making, medieval subjects, castles and creativity.