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How to Make a Spartan Warrior Sword

like in the movie 300 (out of cardboard)

This is a fun project that doesn't take too long to make. Depending on how you do it and how long it takes the paint to dry you should have the sword completed in one to two hours. I tried to make this project as simple as possible while still making sure it is strong. This is why it is a bit thicker than the swords used in the movie -especially near the hilt. But otherwise it is almost exactly the same size. Note that this tutorial also comes with a video located at the bottom of the page and a pdf of the template that you download and print up.


I also have some other 300 Spartan equipment projects which currently include a helmet, spear, vambraces, leg guards and shield. . The projects are here: Make a Spartan Helmet - Make a Spartan Spear - Make Spartan 300 Vambraces (ArmGuards) - Make Spartan Leg Guards - Make a Spartan Shield - The main spartan gear page is here - Spartan Chestpiece - Make the Immortals Mask


This is the sword we make in this tutorial.

The Spartan sword we make

Can you make this sword? You sure can!! Here is a picture of one that was made by Sammy. My thanks to him for sending in the picture!

Spartan Sword

Here is a terrific looking spartan sword made by Ari. He did a terrific job with the colors.

Spartan Sword

And here is a great looking Spartan Sword made by Stolic! I love the color and the rivet look.

Spartan Sword

And here is a Spartan sword made by Sebastian:

Spartan Sword

And here is a spartan sword made by Andrew:

Spartan Sword

The Tools and Materials you will need to make this sword:

Tools and materials


  • A cardboard box, or sheets of cardboard. You will need three pieces that are each a minimum of eight inches wide and 36 inches long. You need three pieces because the sword is made up of a sandwich of three sheets glued together. This makes it strong enough for use; and you will also need another small sheet of cardboard that is about 8 x 1l inches
  • Some kind of glue or a glue gun to glue the cardboard together
  • Scissors or a sharp utility or hobby knife to cut the cardboard
  • Paints, Recommended are brown, black and silver
  • Some wire (optional) this is to make the vane going down the center of the blade. I will show you more about this
  • The paper template that gives you the sword shape. You print this template out and use it to trace the sword shape onto the cardboard
  • Download pdf of the template here (right click and select save as)


Note from Will: The Template and the tutorial are both absolutely free! But would you consider a donation of $1 to support my work? Paypal makes it very easy and safe. Click here to donate $1 - Every little bit helps Will to keep making great tutorials and templates. Thanks!


Step 1: Print up the template booklet and cut out the pieces of the template then tape them together so you get a sword shape.

Step 2: Put this paper template on your cardboard and trace it out. Do this so you have three sword pieces that you will glue together. Also, trace out the handle pieces. There are four handle pieces.

trace the sword image


This is what you end up with.

The cardboard pieces


Glue the sword pieces together

Glue the three sword pieces together one right on top of the other. They form a sandwich like an oreo cookie.

Then glue the four handle pieces onto the handle of the sword. Two on top and two on the bottom as shown in the next picure.


Glue the handle pieces

Once you have glued the three sheets of the sword body together you can then glue the four handle pieces onto the sword. The picture at left shows the two that have been glued to the top of the sword. You can then flip it over and glue the two to the bottom.


NextOkay, This sword is almost done so lets continue on to the next page and finish it up




King Leonidas Replica Sword

King Leonidas Replica Sword-DELUXE Sword

This is our "Deluxe Limited Edition" version of the 300 Movie sword and is expected to sell out quickly. The blade is very thick and as close to the movie as possible. By popular request, we have a true Spartan warrior's sword influenced by the movie 300! Used by King Leonidas and his men, this sword packs as much punch as the movie experience.



Spartan Warrior Sword

Spartan Warrior Sword -

Make your own stand against the Persians! This is an exact replica of the sword carried by the famed King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. The heroic performance of these fierce warriors is remembered even today as a symbol of courage against overwhelming odds. We offer you the opportunity to relive the legend and to experience the power of this mighty sword. This sword measures 34 1/2" overall and breathes strength. The 26" hand forged blade is heat tempered from solid carbon steel and is nearly an amazing 1/2" thick. The leather wrapped handle is contoured and surrounded by the distinctive extended guard and pommel. Relive the history of the Spartans with this sword in your hand!


Spartan Shield

King Leonidas 300 Spartan Greek Replica Shield Pro New -





Spartan Helmet

Spartan King Leonidas Full Size Helmet Replica

This is the Spartan Helmet Replica 18 Gauge Steel. This helmet is similar to the one worn by King Leonidas.The helmet has been constructed from 18 gauge steel with an all black finish. The front of the helmet has been detailed with a ridge lines. The plum of the helmet is black horse hair. The plum is easily mounted with two screws.


Here is the video tutorial showing you how to make this sword.