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Seeing Medieval America
- Summer of 2018-

Ok! Thanks for checking out this section of my website. What I am doing is taking a trip all across America during the months of May thru August. And along the way I am going to be visiting a whole lot of medieval types of things including Blacksmith shops, Armories, museums, Meaderies and architectural sites with stained glass windows.

It is going to be a lot of fun and of course there will be lots of videos! So, stay tuned and bookmark this page. It all starts at the beginning of May 2018.


It is June 13th and I have put over five thousand miles on the car and have visited fifteen castles, five meaderies and four blacksmiths. I have also been to eight states! All of the good stuff is coming.

(My Current location is somewhere in Kentucky) This map picture gives you a look at what I have visited so far.

Stay tuned!!

The Count so far:

  • Castles: 15
  • Meaderies: 5
  • Blacksmiths: 4
  • Other: 11
  • Mileage so far: 4963 Miles
  • States Visited: 14 and Canada
  • Museums: 5


Here is the introductory Video (Posted May 7 2018)

Links to the Castles: Searles Castle Great Barrington and Windham New Hampshire

  • The Journey So Far - As I create the webpages these listings will become links so you can read more and see the pictures.


  • April 27 2018 - Medieval America: Starting Out Everything is done. The old life is behind me and the new adventure begins. I checked into a local motel (Swansea Motor Inn) just to take a few days to decompress and relax. I didn't get much done or do much of anything.
  • April 29, 2018 - Happened to see a sign on the road near my motel that read "Old World Cobble". I drove down that road to discover a company that works in stone and makes a whole lot of cobble stones. They have tens of thousands of them in piles. Could this be the place that makes the stone for my castle?
  • May 1, 20 18 (Portland Maine) - Drove up the coast from where I live in Massachusetts to Portland Maine where I stayed at a Motel 6. Some good scenery, good day. Took pictures of a Maine themed diorama (Lobsterman). Also took pics in Portland including monument square where there is a statue of a woman with a sword.
  • May 2, 2018 Spent the day with Sam Smith of the Maine Blacksmiths Guild. Was a great day. We discussed becoming a blacksmith and the apprenticeship program. He also made me a bottle opener and I have it all on film, turned into a youtube tutorial.
  • May 3, 2018 Traveled around Portland Maine a bit. Took more pics and got some pictures of the Harbor and Atlantic Ocean.
  • May 4, 2018 Visited Searles Castles in Windham New Hampshire. And visited Searles Castle in Great Barrington Mass. And visited two meaderies including Maine Mead Works in Portland and Moonlight Meadery in Londonderry NH. You can read more about Searles Castles on my other website here: Searles Castle
  • May 5, Checked into a Super 8 Motel in New York. Visited Searles Castle in Great Barrington MA, Wing's Castle in Millbrook NY, Osborn Castle (Castle Rock) in Garrison NY and Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown NY.
  • May 6, Visited Bannerman Castle on an island of the Hudson River off Beacon NY. Good Day, not much of a castle though. Was originally a warehouse designed like a castle. You can see this castle in my youtube video here: Banner man Castle and castles along the Hudson River
  • May 7, Day off, did video editing, laundry , email etc.
  • May 8, Outstanding and profound day. I visited the Cloisters and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city. Got a lot of great pictures and take special note of the diorama I found in the museum. And there was a terrific medieval weapon and armor display at the MET and both places had a medieval clothing fashion show.
  • May 9, Research and writing day
  • May 10, Work day, typical stuff, email, writing etc.
  • May 11, drove to Evans Mills NY and checked into a Days Inn.
  • May 12, Took a tour boat on the St. Lawrence River to see two castles: Singer Castle and Boldt Castle. Was an amazing day. Both castles are magnificent.
  • May 15, Visited Earle Estate Meadery in Penn Yan NY on my way to a new Motel In Buffalo New York. in Buffalo I looked up a local place called Duff's Famous Wings. I of course had to stop in and get myself some actual Buffalo Wings.
  • May 16, in Buffalo New York Visited Niagara Falls. Wonderful morning and afternoon at the falls. Got a lot of great pictures and video. In the evening I visited a meadery called LillyBelles Meadery.
  • May 17, Adventured into Canada to visit with a blacksmith. (Thak Ironworks). Great day, but I did get lost in Canada so that was a bit exhausting. But Thak Ironworks is pretty amazing.
  • May 19, checked out of Days Inn Motel in Buffalo and traveled to Microtel in Scranton Pennsylvania. ALong the way I made a stop at The Corning Museum of Glass in Corning New York. Terrific day including some surprises like glass dioramas. And some telescope and optics stuff. Saw a glass blowing demonstration which was rather nice. I was suprised to see some glass dioramas. More will be coming about them.
  • May 20, Work day. I stayed in my Motel in Trenton did writing, video editing and laundry. Note that I also saw a truck accident on the ramp near the hotel and I watched as a wedding party pulled in to the motel.
  • May 21, The Houdini Museum, An idea came to me and I shot a fun video about it. Otherwise I did video editing and normal web work, web pages etc.
  • May 22, A tale of two lunches...
  • May 23, Scranton Iron Furnaces , Anthracite Museum.
  • May 24, Fonthill Castle, Grey Towers, Pax Amicus Castle Theatre
  • May 25, Blacksmith of Trenton, Northlandz
  • May 26, Second day at Blacksmith of Trenton, Bryn Athyn Cathedral; Matt, Andre and his pregnant girlfriend.
  • May 27 Travel day to Baltimore Maryland, laundry and web work. Seriously dangerous rain on the highway. Come to find out that some of the Baltimore area is under emergency because of flash flooding. I might not be able to travel to where I want to go tomorrow!
  • May 28, Tomb of the Unknown soldier, Burial site of JFK and an evening at Medieval Times.
  • May 29, Smithsonian.
  • May 30 The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore Maryland. Amazing!
  • May 31
  • June 1
  • June 2 The Smithsonian Castle, The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
  • June 3, Washington DC including The White House, The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument
  • June 4, Traveled to Ohio, James Episcopal Church in Bedford PA, Braddock Carnegie Library in Braddock, PA, Buhl Mansion in Sharon Pennsylvania
  • June 5, Visited the Cleveland Museum of Art - They have a great armor and weapons display along with a wide array of paintings and sculptures spanning centuries.
  • June 6, Visited Dragons Head Forge and Squires Castle, Traveled to Toledo Ohio
  • June 7, Traveled to Ann Arbor Michigan and Detroit
  • June 9, Detroit Institute of Art which includes Rodin's "The Thinker" and lots of medieval artifacts. And something called a magic illusion box. Drove to Ohio.
  • June 10, Curwood Castle
  • June 12, Loveland Castle also known as Chateau LaRoche In Loveland Ohio. Drove to Cincinnati and then on to Lexington Kentucky.
  • June 14, Kentucky Castle. Nice Castle like structure with Southern Charm.
  • June 16, Drove to Winston-Salem North Carolina.





Here is a complete playlist of the Medieval America Series. You can watch all the videos through this player here without leaving my website.



Will is on a quest to See Medieval America. He is criss-crossing his way across the whole country from East to West. You can Join in the fun and follow along on his youtube channel right here: Will's Youtube channel.

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Learn more about the castle here


I have the first version of this castle done. It is an eight page pdf which includes the base sheet that you assemble it on. There are not yet any instructions to go with it. But you should be able to put it together relatively easily. I recommend you print it up onto some kind of index card or card stock. 90 pound paper is the best. Download it here: Merry Mead Castle Paper booklet

(If you need 90 pound paper it is available on amazon right here)


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