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How to Make a Medieval Wax sealer Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we make the wooden handle for the stamper and we put the two parts together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


handled tools

For the handle part of the stamper you have a wide variety of choices. You can use an old handle from a file, saw, or other tool. Or you can use a one inch diameter wooden dowel (mine is black at the top of the picture). The wooden dowel is what I will go with for this tutorial.

The cut dowel

I cut the dowel to three and a half inches (3 1/2). This is about a good size. You can cut your piece to any length you want.

Raps the handle shape

Now start with some rasping and sanding tools to shape it.

Sand it smooth

Some more sandpapering and rasping and we have pretty much the final shape. The black color is just left over paint from the scrap piece of dowel. I removed most of it with sand paper but left the bottom part black.

Apply tung oil

You have a couple of options from here. You can polish it up with some stain or some tung oil. You can even leave it plain wood.

Paint it

Or you can paint some details on it first, before staining and finishing it. I masked it off with some red tape then painted in some nice gold detail lines.

Sand the medallion

Now let's glue the medallion to the handle.

Sand the back side of it so it is reasonably flat and smooth. This will help it adhere better to the handle. You should sand the flat end of the handle too. Wipe it all off so there is no loose grit on the surfaces to be glued.

Apply glue

Ok! Let's glue it. This will depend on the type of glue that you are going to use. I am using a gorilla glue that is good for multi surfaces. And it recommends that the surfaces be moistened first so that's what I did . Then I applied a liberal amount of glue to one of the surfaces as shown here.

Apply medallion to glue

Now let's affix the two parts together.

Secure with rubber bands


A couple of rubber bands will hold it nice and tight while the glue dries. That's it. We have made it.

NextNow lets' continue on and actually do the wax sealing of an envelope.

A hand stamper

Classic 26 letter A-Z Alphabet Initial Assorted Color Sealing Seal Wax Stamp Post Decorative


Here is a great alternative to buying sealing wax. You can buy sticks for your hot glue gun:

Hot glue wax

Dark (Cranberry) Red Flexible Glue Gun Sealing Wax - 7 Sticks


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