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If you are a member of the media or press I thankyou for visiting my website(s). Please feel free to email me if you have questions, want to conduct an interview, or would like further materials or photographs. And I am available for telephone/television/radio interviews any time of day or night.

Also please feel free to copy and use any of the pictures contained in this press kit. And attribution would be nice if you could give me a link to this website. http://www.stormthecastle.com


I have a certain amount of expertise in a variety of subjects and my websites reflect this. I also have excellent search engine ranking in these subjects.


About Will

He lives in Fall River Massachusetts where he works out of a home office. He has been building and working on websites since 1998.

He had held several different types of jobs over the course of a traditional career including military service, machine technician, and software engineer. He has worked on a variety of things including Robotic workcell equipment.

In 2006 he retired from traditional work and ventured out on his own with the websites.

He has a wide variety of sites which cover a lot of different topics and also a very popular youtube channel. His assets draw over 3 million page views a month.

His first and flagship website is this one you are now on (stormthecastle.com)

He has published several books including:

He writes about and makes projects/videos about the subjects that interest him the major ones of which are:


I first started making mead in 2006. It came out of a conversation with a friend about medieval things. One of which is mead or honey wine. My friend and I decided we wanted to give it a try. Well, we couldn't get any! After dozens of phone calls to local places (well, local as in within 50 miles) We made the decision that if we wanted to try mead we would have to make some ourselves and that is exactly what we did. That was five years and a hundred batches of mead ago. I still am making mead and always have a batch or two going. I now have also published a book to show other people how to make it: The Secret Art of Mead Making Revealed

My thoughts on Mead - It is a rather fine drink and quite a bit different than grape wines. It is sweeter and thicker, and more delicious in my opinion. It is a bit strange how it is not very well known but over the past few years it has grown in popularity and there are a lot more people drinking it and making it.

More Mead Pictures Here (permission is granted to use these)

Terrarium Making

In the late 70's terrariums were a bit of a popular fad. I remember making a few of them both for personal interest and for a boy scout project. It was a memorable thing for me. And, it was part of the Mother Earth movement where the country consciousness was turning more toward a respect and stewardship of the Earth.

Well, a lot of years passed and then one day in 2005 I was thinking about what projects I would like to make for my website and the thought of a terrarium just popped. Wow, a lot of fun and an interesting little project. So I went ahead and did a tutorial on how to make a terrarium. I used a couple of old books that I had as resource material.

Since then I have created tutorials on all kinds of terrariums including desert themes, miniature terrariums, and even how to put a terrarium inside a light bulb. I really enjoy the process of making and caring for a terrarium.

While I do make terrariums that are traditional I very much have a fondness for unusual terrariums and this means either unusual containers, unusual plants or unusual arrangements. The picture here shows a terrarium inside a tabasco bottle.

More Terrarium Pictures here (Permission is granted to use these)

For The Background and story of my other interests please feel free to email me.


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How to Make a Fruit Mead (Melomel)

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