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Support a Classical guitar Film on Kickstarter

I received an email from a gentleman who is looking for kickstarter funding to do a project with the classical guitar as a centerpiece.

He reached out to me looking for some help. I think it is a great project and worth support. You can donate to their kickstarter fund. More information below.



You can learn more about the project, and donate, on their kickstarter page right here: Resonance


Here is a quote from their kickstarter project page:

"Resonance" is the story of Toby, a hearing-challenged rideshare driver who struggles with making meaningful connections, especially with strangers. When he picks up Marissa, a classical guitarist stressing out because she is running late for a recital, a turn of events leads to a simple and beautiful moment of human connection. A moment made possible by music.


Some thoughts from Will: This kind of thing really intrigues me. I believe in the message of music and I really love the fact that the writer is using the classical guitar as the instrument to convey the message.

Also, isn't it really amazing to see how a project like this develops? Are you curious as to how someone breathes life into something like this? Getting a team together and bringing the project to full fruition is rather amazing. You get kind of an inside peek with this project. You can even get a copy of the script. I like it.

If you are a fan of the classical guitar you should consider helping this project. While the classical guitar has become more prominent in the past few years it could always use help in getting the exposure it deserves. There hasn't been any really dramatic growth since Segovia. - Well, maybe John Williams too.

On their kickstarter page you can read a little bit of the script. I have emailed the writer of this project to find out if they have cast the lead woman in the film and they haven't yet. My vote is for Ana Vidovic to play the lead role! If you know her send her an email! Maybe she would do it! She has gravitas. I think she would be great in a film.