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Home Made Telescopes

If you make your own telescope be sure to send me a picture! I will put it on this page. And I am here if you have questions about the process. Send me an email. I will be glad to offer help.


Will's first home made telescope

This is a picture of me when I was about 13 years old. This is the second telescope I made. The first one was a disaster :) LOL! But since then I have been an avid telescope maker.

You can buy a telescope. Lots of them for sale. But if you want to join the ranks of people that make their own telescope then I applaud you. And I have several tutorials for you right here that will help. Enjoy, have fun and send me a picture of your telescope!

First some Advice - If you are wondering what it takes to make a telescope I have an answer for you.

If you are a child or young adult then your goal should be to make the two lens simple telescope that I have below. The tutorial takes you through the steps and gives you links to kits and parts.

If you are in high school and really motivated to make a telescope you might want to tackle my four inch telescope tutorial. That is within reach. You install a purchased mirror into it.

If you are a tinkerer and have a sense of tools and power tools then you can make yourself a basic telescope that is quite nice and you will be satisfied with. Making a basic telescope is not that difficult. choose any size up to the eight inch reflector.

If you are a woodworker or a machine shop enthusiast then the sky is the limit for you. You can make just about anything and will be limited only by your budget. You can probably make something that is worthy of taking pictures with.


Herb is returning to telescopes, astronomy and telescope making after a long hiatus. He had in the past ground his own 4 1/4 and 8 inch mirrors. He also has a 6 inch newtonian that he is refurbishing. Looks to me like Herb is having a lot of fun! Here are some pictures:

Two telescope mirrors


6 inch telescope tube


Telescope tube with finder mount


Newtonian telescope mount


Abdo has followed my telescope making tutorial and made himself a telescope! Wow! Nice work here! My thanks go to him for sharing the picswith us. And he didn't have a focuser so he designed and made a hand sliding one. Very creative and good engineering!!


Here are the tutorials that can help you make your own telescope:

Make a telescope

How to make a small and easy telescope
This is a complete tutorial on how to make a small telescope using lenses. I show you everything you need to know. Make a small refractor telescope


Make a 4" Telescope

This is a tutorial on how to make a Newtonian Reflector Telescope. This is the type of telescope that Sir Isaac Newton Invented! Fun project. 4 inch mirror inside. How to Make a Newtonian Reflector telescope '



Make an 8 " Telescope

This is a large telescope. It has some really good light gathering power. I take you through the building of a telescope like this step by step. And I show you the fundamentals of how it is made so you can make any size newtonian reflector telescope. Make an Eight inch telescope


More Tutorials Coming




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