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Meade Telescopes


I take a look at some of the various telescopes that Mead makes and I give you my opinion and thoughts about them. If you are considering buying a telescopes here is some good information that will help you make the right decision based on your needs and wants with information about price, price versus performance, accessories, usability and more.


A Quick Note about Meade the company

The Meade company was founded in 1972 and they have been producing telescopes and optics with two important things in mind: Quality of performance and value for your dollar. They have truly achieved both these things because their telescopes are outstanding in performance and at a very competitive price. You can take a virtual tour of their factory here

If you want to browse through a selection of Meade Telescopes I have them right here on this website Meade Telescope Store

First Question: What will you be using the telescope for? Strictly astronomical use, terrestrial use or both? This is an important question and has an impact on which telescope you should buy.

If you are going to do predominantly astronomical viewing you should strongly consider getting a reflector telescope (this is the one with the mirror rather than the lens) and this is because you will get a substantial amount of more power for less money. These reflecting telescopes are a very good value for astronomical viewing.

If you are going to mix up your astronomical viewing with terrestrial based viewing you should consider getting a refractor telescope. These are much better suited to terrestrial viewing.

For amateur astronomy there are three classes of Meade telescope that I will recommend based on how serious you are about your astronomy.

Some Telescope Buying Recommendations

Beginner Scopes

If you are a beginner astronomer and just want something of quality to try out astronomy without breaking the bank here are my recommendations: