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The Philosophy of the Telescope


The telescope is a rather misunderstood instrument. For many people it retains the stigma of being for the starry eyed, stargazer type. Nothing could be further from the truth. The telescope is an instrument for seeing and understanding the mystery of the universe we live in.


Did you know that when you look up at the stars you are seeing how they were years, hundreds of years, or even thousands of years ago? A telescope is a sort of a time machine that allows you to see stars and other objects that are millions of years old. There are objects in the sky that are so far away it takes millions of years for the light to reach us. This is what the telescope sees, the light that left the star or galaxy millions of years ago.

So when you are using a telescope under a beautiful night sky you are not just "stargazing" you are witnessing some of the most remarkable sights to be had in all the universe.