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Make a Nebula in a Bottle

This is a fun little activity for kids to make and it just takes a few supplies.

Maybe you don't have a telescope so you can't see an actual nebula. But you can make one inside a bottle and keep it on your desk.





A nebula is a cloud of dust and gas in space. It can be quite a colorful, spectacular, and beautiful thing. And you can make one in a bottle, sort of!

Here is a picture of a nebula taken by the Hubble telescope. This is the Omega nebula.


Here is another nebula picture taken by the Hubble telescope. This nebula is called the horse head nebula. Kind of easy to understand why it is called that!



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Tools and Materials

  • a bottle or jar with a lid, Even a plastic water bottle is quite good for this
  • A few cotton balls
  • Some food coloring, blue is best, but any colors you want. Nebulae come in a lot of different colors
  • Those are the minimun basics but you can add some more stuff for fun:
  • Glitter of any color
  • Small beads
  • Small jewels

Materials used in this project


How to Make it

Add water to jar

Step 1: Put some water in your container. Fill it about half way.


Add blue food coloring

Then add a drop of blue food coloring. Or you can choose another color. But blue is a good place to start.


Add cotton balls

Tear up a couple of cotton balls and put them in the container.


Add more water

Add some more water. You can fill it almost all the way up if you want.


Add food coloring

Next add another drop or two of the food coloring. Use the blue again or maybe some red. But don't stir the bottle now.


Let the dye settle

Let this new drop of food coloring settle on its own. It will create a wonderful nebula look.


Add glitter

Now add some of the details like glitter. And then add some more torn up cotton! The glitter will tend to float.


Push the glitter down

But if you add cotton after wards then you can use that to push the glitter down.


Add details like beads

Then have some fun adding other details if you like. Beads, jewels, gems or how about a tiny figure? The sky is the limit :)



The completed nebula in a bottle


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