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Lindisfarne Mead available in the United States

Lilndisfarne Mead

If you are a regular to this website you know all about the 38 year old bottle of Lindisfarne Mead that somebody found. You can read more about this spectacular bottle of mead here

The Lindisfarne Official Site


If you know of a sources in the U.S. that sells this mead send me an email so I can post it here!

I have received an email from the owner of EPS Epicurean. They are an importer of fine spirits and wines and of Lindisfarne Original in the U.S. If you are a distributor you might want to contact EPS Epicurean. You can learn more about them and about Lindisfarne Original on their website here.

A Note from Will: I have a friend who lives in the U.K and he has visited the famous Lindisfarne castle. He has been nice enough to send me pictures. You can check them out here: Lindisfarne Castle -and their facebook page here


And he bought some mead! Here is a picture:

He tells us a little bit about them:  

But oh the taste, for someone who is not a connoisseur of wines as myself the natural brew was smooth and warming leaving a sweet aftertaste. Alcoholic content 14.5% vol.  "A vatted blend of honey, local water,fermented grape juice and neutral spirits"

This is taken from their list upon the label.
The spiced version has a smooth and sweet taste with a taste of what I imagine a mulled wine would be like - a sort of Christmassy feel. 
The addition of spices does not over power the smooth taste of the mead either. 
  The spiced version must be a closely guarded secret as its not listed on the label. But of course it does not disappoint. Alcoholic content 14.5% vol.
Lastly, the newly released 'Pink' version - this is a nice light blend which has the above listed ingredients plus a hint of orange. A delicious 'rose' colour that pleases the eye and the palate. Alcoholic content 12% vol.
The price of all three was a discounted one of £16.00 for 3.