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Terrific Mead Names


Over the years I have spent time trying to come up with interesting and unusual names for mead and about the best I have done is "Renaissance Mead" which I think is pretty neat. But I have also emailed back and forth with a lot of other mead makers and they have come up with some terrific names for their mead. Here is a listing of some of my favorites. I don't believe any of these are official but it doesn't matter, they are a lot of fun.


If you have come up with a great name for your mead I would love to hear it and add it to this list. Just send me an email!

Drunken Spider Mead

Here is a traditional dry mead made by Sean. Its' bottled, labeled and capped. Looks fantastic and I love the name "Drunken Spider Meadery". My thanks to sean for submitting the pic.

And Sean's friend carved a drinking horn so they could enjoy the mead in the traditional way. Check out pics of the drinking horn here.









Here is a series of meads made by Ken H. He calls his operation "Milky Way Meadery". And he has given his meads some great names. see below.

Various creative batches of mead

Left to right:
"Goblin Blood" (Strawberry - Wine)
"Troll Drool" (Green Apple)
"Golden Grog" (Pineapple)
"Fruity Tartbomb" (Raspberry - Wine/Mead)
"Virgin's Blood" (Cherry)
"Perky Peach" (Peach)
"Drunkard's Piss" (Lemon - Wine)


  • Precocious Mead - by Siobhra
  • Sleepy Friar Mead - by Eric
  • Dunderhonung (Thunder Honey) - by Nicholas
  • Carr's Landing Mead - by Jessi
  • Strawberry BAM! - by Steven
  • Black Star Mead
  • Orange Dream Mead - Check out the picture below! (by David S.)

How about some names of Meaderies?

  • Puddle Girl Meadery - by Siobhra

Puddle Girl Mead


Médiéval - by Intermiel in Canada

Guinevere - by Meadery of the Rockies



I found a whole bunch of wonderful drinking goblets on amazon. I have a page with them right here. Just a couple of years ago you couldn't get a goblet, or mead! It is great to see both are becoming very popular. Mead Goblets



Bottles of MetheglinMake a peach or pineapple fruit mead

If you have always wanted to make a fruit mead (melomel) you might want to check this tutorial out. I take you through the whole process from start to finish including bottling. Make a Peach or Pineapple Melomel