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How to Cap your Mead Bottles with Heat Shrink Caps.

Heat Shrink caps are inexpensive (around 8-9 cents each) and they come in a lot of attractive colors. You can get them from any shop that sells wine making equipment. They are very easy to put on and make a nice alternative to hot wax. I show the hot wax method in a tutorial here if you prefer to go that route.


This picture shows a nice sweet mead with a ruby red colored heat shrink cap.

golden mead with a ruby red heat shrink cap


This is a particularly nice touch if you are going to be giving away bottles of mead for Thanksgiving or the Holidays. I have a quick tutorial on how to do this right here and at the bottom of the page is a video that shows the whole process.

The Process is quite simple. You put the heat shrink cap on the bottle (its plenty large and slides over easily. Then you dip it in boiling water for 10 to 20 seconds -rotating it slowly. And you are done!

Dip the mead bottle

As a safer alternative you can also use a hair dryer or a steamer to achieve the same effect.

Heat the cap

This is really a nice way to make your mead bottles look professional and they make attractive gifts for the Holidays or for Thanksgiving.

Here is the video where I show you the process of how to do it.




Heat shrink Cap and Cork

Heat Shrink Caps and Corks -

Includes 30 PVC Heat Shrink Capsules With Tear Tabs & 30 #8 Straight Corks 7/8" x 1 3/4" (Black)

  • Wine bottling pack with pvc shrink capsules and corks
  • Each package contains 30 capsules and 30 corks
  • Provides a professional finishing touch to your bottle of wine
  • Corks are the perfect size for hand corkers


Bronze Heat Shrink Cap

1 X Bronze PVC Shrink Capsules- 30 Per Bag

PVC Foil Capsules give your wine bottles a clean, professional look. These capsules will shrink when you dip them in boiling water, hold them over the steam of a tea kettle, or by using a hair dryer. Make sure to be careful when shrinking the capsules to the bottle. 30 capsules per bag.


Lots More Heat Shrink Caps on Amazon Right Here


Book How to Make a Batch of mead

Love Kindle Books? I just published my kindle book on how to make mead. It is a no-nonsense easy guide to making a batch of mead. You can get it in the kindle store.


Bottles of mead

Absolutely new to Mead?

I have a nice little 4 minute video that you can watch. It explains what mead is and how it is made: What is Mead and How is it made?