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SpotLight on A Meadery:

The Mead Viking (copyrighted image)Pretty clear to me that any Mead making company that has a logo like this has got something special going on! I absolutely love this logo called "The Viking" (His actual name is "Thorvald!.)

Let me point out a couple of really great things about this meadery. First of all they do online shipping to some states which is very convenient. They have a list of states on their website and it will be growning over time. (

Second of all they have a wonderful selection of meads (currently 6 different types) and they offer variety packs with a discount.

Here are their flavors:

  • Pure Honey Mead
    Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead is a tastefully contemporary version of man's oldest wine. Crafted in the style of a semi-dry table wine....
  • Dark Mead A direct descendant of our most popular mead, this robust yet semi-dry wine is made from a darkened honey that produces rich tones and clearly defined layers of flavor....
  • Wild Elderberry Mead
    This delicious elderberry mead has the mouth feel and texture of a red wine, together with the taste of honey....
  • Spiced Mead has a special place in the history of many cultures.....
  • Huckleberry Mead
    Purely seasonal, purely dependent on good berry years, and purely delightful....
  • Chokecherry Mead
    Chokecherry mead is a true Montana wine and the winner of our first gold medal.....

Is their mead good? Well, I guess everyone has a different opinion of what "Good" is especially when it comes to Mead but this company has a track record of winning awards which is the best indicator of quality and taste. These awards are given by people who really know mead.

Awards? Hidden Legend Winery has been awarded a fist full of awards. Here is a picture of five of their meads with the awards.

Hidden Valley Mead with Medals (Copyrighted Picture)

A couple of final notes

Wine collectors are often very big into collecting the labels from their wines. It's a hobby that can be very satisfying. This mead is something that would fit right into that hobby. Their labels are absolutely gorgeous and well worth the effort of getting a label remover. Take a look at some of their labels:

pure honey mead  Wild Elderberry Mead  Wild ChokeCherry Mead

And here is a picture of a little celebration (Montana Style) going on inside their meadery. Now that's what mead is all about!

Click on the graphic to visit Their Website: