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Some Bottled Mead pictures submitted by a web visitor


Here are some pictures of Mead that was made by a web visitor (Patrick K.) My thanks to him for the pics. He has done a fantastic job with the making of the mead and the creation of the lables. The wax top is a very nice touch and he used a stamp to emboss the top. Stuff like this really gets me excited. Mead making is a wonderful hobby :) He followed my standard Orange Mead recipe and he went alll the way and even waxed the tops of the bottles.


You can easily do all of this yourself. I have some resources at the bottom of this page that will help you get bottles, labels, wax and more.


A Beautiful Mead bottle


Close up of the label


Wax emboss on the top of the mead bottle


for Making your own great looking Mead Bottles

If you want to give wax sealing a try without spending too much money has different colors available in small 2 oz quantities:

Burgundy Sealing Wax

Burgandy Sealing Wax Beads (2 Ounces)




If you want larger quanitities you can get it from a Wine supply company called E.C. Kraus. They come in a variety of colors and in 1 pound bags. Here is a link. Good Company, I have bought a lot of stuff from them.


Seal wax your mead bottles

New Tutorial: How to wax seal the tops of your mead bottles. This makes them look quite spectacular and professional. It's easy to do and cost about 20 cents per bottle How to wax seal your mead bottles