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Peter's Mead


Here is a great picture of a group of mead bottles. This mead was made and bottled by a web visitor (Peter T.). He also designed the labels himself which I think are simple and elegant. Nice job with the mead and with the labels Peter! And thanks for the picture.


A little bit about the Mead in the picture. There are two batches here. The first batch is a plain Mead that he made using my water-jug-recipe located here. The second batch which he started in March, is a very similar batch but he added a handful of Raspberries and Blueberries to the must. This raspberry and blueberry mead is a bit darker than the plain mead and they are the bottles on the right in the picture.

Will A Note From Will: One thing I want to point out here is that Peter followed the number one rule when it comes to making mead. He was patient! He bottled the two batches of mead in August and that means that he let one batch ferment for five months and the second batch for seven months. It never hurts to take your time and not rush into bottling!

Peter's Home Made Mead and Labels

Here is a closeup of the Mead Labels that Peter made.


How to apply the labels to your Mead bottles in a nice and uniform manner. This is a video tutorial that shows you a little trick I use to get the labels on the bottles. Applying Labels to your Mead Bottles

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