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Product Review:
Redstone Mead

They come in an attractive blue bottle and they have a very convenient resealable cap. Here are some thoughts and taste testing of three meads from the Redstone Meadery line of products.


Redstone Mead Bottles

Three Different Flavors of Mead

Traditional Mountain Honey Wine - If you never tasted mead and you really want to give some a try in a way that you get a real tasting of what mead is then this is the product you should buy. It it characteristically mead tasting - plain mead with no flavoring. Now the unusual thing about that is that if you never tasted mead you may be surprised. It is different than wine. Some people like it and some people don't. So give this a shot if you want to give mead a try. The alcohol is 12% by volume. They use a variety of honey types and Montrachet yeast.

Sunshine Nectar with Apricot Puree - Of these three products from Redstone Meadery this one is my favorite. It is gently carbonated and mildly flavored with apricot. The alcohol content is 8% so this is a much milder mead experience. If you like flavored drinks you might want to give this one a try. I really like it and it is fantastic when served cold.

Honey Wine With Juniper Berries - This one is ok. I am not a big fan of juniper berries but they do a nice job with this. To me, it is kind of a like a balance between traditional mead and flavored mead. It is a perfect in-between for traditional mead and heavily flavored or carbonated meads.

A little bit about the bottles: An interesting thing about this mead is the unique swing top caps. You probably have seen these old fashioned swing tops and they are a good choice for mead because they keep a good seal on the bottles yet they are easy to un cork and easy to re-seal so you don't have to drink the whole bottle in one evening. You can put it away and have more on another day. This swing top is a nice addition to the mead experience. And - I love the blue bottles.

About Redstone Meadery - They currently can ship, from their website to 30 different states so you might want to check see if you can have some shipped to you. And I am sure that over time this list of states will grow.

They also have quite a few other meads that you might find attractive. Here is their website: Redstone Meadery