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twelve gallons of mead

The picture above shows the twelve bottles very early in their ferment. The two pictures below shows them after three weeks. It's amazing to see how some of them are clearing up real quick and below the picture is some notes and observations I have made.

Six of the batches

From Left to Right: (six in photo above) Premiere Cuvee, EC-1118, Superior Lager Yeast, Lalvin D47, Cote des Blancs, K1V-1116

The other six batches

From Left to right: Montrachet, Pasteur Red, Fleischmanns, Bourgovin-RC212, 71B-1122, Pasteur Champagen

Some observations

As far as quality of ferment in terms of how clear they have gotten so far and how defined the leeds cake is the Cote des Blancs is the clear winner. After that the Premiere Cuvee is a close second along with the 71b-1122 and Montrachet.

The Superior Lager yeast appears to be the slowest in developing and this was to be expected because while most of the yeast were up and running within an hour or two that batch took three days before there was a steady bubbling in the airlock.

The Fleischmanns yeast is the next slowest and the foggiest. The Ki1-1116 is also a bit slow.

Regardless of the current clarity after three weeks they all seem to be going very well and I have racked them all.

I have more information about this twelve gallon batch of mead and why I did it on this page (includes a video)


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