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Caleb's Trebuchet

This is a fantastic mid sized trebuchet that looks great and has some dynamic power. It launches a projectile 120 feet which is a great range for this size trebuchet.

It was built by Caleb and my thanks to him for the pictures and the info. He has a catapult project on my site too. Caleb's Catapult

Below is what he has to say about building this treb.



As you may wonder I am using a piece of towel as the sling because I haven't found anything yet to substitute since everything else I have isn't strong enough. I mounted wheels on it because it is super heavy and to much of a struggle to carry. After I first built it and got it firing to perfection, I then wanted to make it throw farther and higher so I tried adding and taking away certain things to increase efficiency. For instance I cut some wood out of the swing arm to reduce the restricting weight when it throw's. I also put some "walls" to guide the counter-weight box so that it doesn't hit any of the 2x4's or braces. And then I greased all the pivot points just for good measure. Now it doesn't squeak, is mobile with one person, and throw's 120+ feet. I hope you like it and I'll get a video for you sometime soon if the weather clears up.




Caleb has submitted pictures and information about his new catapult that I call the Sled-a-Pult ! It uses two bands for additional power and has a sled platform on the bottom so it slides easily over land and snow! Now we can siege castles in Winter!! See more here: Caleb's Sled-a-Pult


The Miniature Trebuchet by Timberkits

The trebuchet was the ultimate artillery weapon of the medieval period and early renaissance. A large and unwieldy weapon, it was typically built on-site during battle, and tuned to lob great weights - such as the carcasses of rotting horses and pots of burning pitch, over the castle walls and onto its inhabitants. Precision carved by computer controlled machinery for guaranteed fit and accurate joinery. The detailed instructions include loads of photos of each step of the construction process, tuning tips and safety notes. Included in the kit are four wooden projectiles, all the necessary components for the sling, trigger, and counterweight bucket as well as all the parts for the kit. The only thing you'll need to supply are 88 pennies for counterweight and a few simple tools - Scissors, a ruler, a utility knife, wood glue and a few rubber bands to hold the pieces together while the glue dries. Manufactured by RLT Industries



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