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A Trebuchet build by Krzysztof O.

Here is a whole series of terrific Medieval projects built by Krzysztof O. It all revolves around the siege of a medieval castle and the projects include a trebuchet, a Mantlet, a battering ram and of course a castle!


You can see that he closely followed my trebuchet plans and he has added a mechanism for locking and firing the trebuchet. He also added a nice touch to this project by making a Mantlet which is large shield or portable shelter used for stopping arrows or other projectiles. You can see this wheeled Mantlet in the second picture.

\This is part of a bigger project that he has built which includes a battering ram and an actual castle. It is quite a terrific series of projects that he has made. You can see pictures of the sheltered battering ram and castle further down the page.



Small Trebuchet



A Trebuchet and Mantlet


The Battering Ram and The Castle