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Dinosaur Dioramas and supplies Available at Amazon.com

Dinosaur Stamp Set

.Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set - Stamp, color, and create your own dinosaur-dotted landscapes! When inspiration hits, this simple stamp and pencil set lets budding artists create countless colorful scenes. Some of the biggest names in Dino-dom are here: Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Velociraptor. Use the fiery volcano stamp to give them a landscape and then watch as these once-extinct dinosaurs multiply. The set includes five colored pencils for sketching, scribbling, or filling in the details, and two large pads of washable ink--a blessing for parents of the overzealous stamper. All of the included pieces stow neatly in the sturdy wooden storage bin with transparent lid, so artists always know what's available, and can tidy up after themselves when they're done. --Heather Lyndon

Big tub of dinosaurs

Animal Planet's Big Tub of Dinosaurs - It's a simple fact: kids love dinosaurs. And this dino-packed set from the folks at Animal Planet delivers the goods. Various prehistoric critters roam this simulated landscape, which is replete with palm trees, ponds, and spooky-looking rocks. The set is even portable, so when you're ready to reenact extinction, simply fold it and go.


1/35 Velociraptors Diorama - This is a Pack of Six 1/35 Plastic Velociraptor Dinosaurs from Tamiya. It's designed for modelers ages 10 and over. FEATURES: Small plastic parts molded in tan and attached to sprue trees. Thorough research for a highly accurate kit and an educational look at the Velociraptor. Parts attach together - cement is not essential for assembly. Accurate scales, poses, and skin appearance on each dinosaur. Pack of six Velociraptors includes rock-like display stands for each. Parts fit together, though cement may be useful. Different postures may be attained by interchanging body and limb parts. Includes extra hind legs. Ideal for display with Tamiya's separately sold dinosaur diorama sets. Box includes illustrations for painting schemes and interesting information. Painting examples include hunting in the woods, the dry plains, and in the bushes; all environments are different colors. INCLUDES: One 1/35 Pack of Six Velociraptors REQUIRES: Assembly Paint: (see box illustrations) Brushes Sprue Cutter Modeling Knife File or Emery Board Adult Supervision SPECS: Scale: 1/35

1/35 Brachiosaurus Dinosaur w/Diorama TAM60106 - "This is a 1/35 Plastic Brachiosaurus Diorama Set from Tamiya. It's designed for modelers ages 10 and over. FEATURES: Plastic parts molded in tan, gray and brown. Thorough research for a highly accurate model, including the scale, pose, and lifelike skin appearance of the dinosaur. Includes a large Brachiosaurus and an infant, much smaller. Archaeopteryx bird included with kit. Brown diorama base has a fairly rocky, realistic surface, a small dry river bed that holds the two dinosaurs and the bird. Left fore leg of the giant dinosaur can be in a lifted or grounded position. Lower jaw can be set in an open or closed position. Also includes a human figure for a represented size comparison. Included nameplate


1/35 Triceratops Diorama - "This is a 1/35 Plastic Triceratops Diorama Set from Tamiya. It's designed for modelers ages 10 and over. FEATURES: Plastic parts molded in tan, gray and brown. Thorough research for a highly accurate model, including the scale, pose, and lifelike skin appearance of the dinosaurs. Broad brown base with rocks, a hemp-palm tree, and a dead tree which may be posed upright or fallen on the ground. Small pond in the corner covered by a clear blue plastic piece made to look like water. Base simulates a rocky dry river bed. Green cloth has cutout leaves for the hemp-palm tree. Includes a large Triceratops dinosaur and two Velociraptors. Velociraptor limbs may be interchanged for different poses. Triceratops also sports two optional poses, running or walking. Includes a small and large fish, a frog, and an amphibian creature. Also includes a human figure for a represented size comparison. Included nameplate reads ""Triceratops Late Cretaceous Western North America."" Informative and pictorial instruction sheet includes a description of various body parts of dinosaur


1/35 Tyrannosaurus Diorama - This is a 1/35 Plastic Tyrannosaurus Diorama with a Display Base. Tamiya's Dinosaur Diorama Series uses the latest scientific theories to reproduce highly realistic and convincing models. You can use the Tyrannosarus Diorama to produce your own dinosaur environment. FEATURES: Body parts, base parts, metal parts, foliage sheet. Instructions thoroughly researched and educational. Highly accurate in scale and pose. Lifelike skin appearance (tan plastic parts). Base parts (brown plastic). Includes (1) green foliage sheet (leaves, palms). Sprue tree (all parts are numbered for easy assembly). Body parts may be painted. INCLUDES: One Tyrannosaurus Diorama with a Display Base (**UNASSEMBLED**)


1/35 Chasmosaurus Dinosaur w/Diorama TAM60101 - This is a 1/35 Scale Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Diorama Plastic Model Kit from Tamiya. Chasmosaurus was a horned, frilled, plant eating dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period. Chasmosaurus means ""chasm lizard"

Tyrannosaurus Rex with Diorama Three million visitors a year visit the American Museum of Natural History, often drawn to the life-size dioramas. And now, capturing all their magic, comes a series of dazzling Book and Diorama sets. Tyrannosaurus Rex, created by the Museumís own sculptor, is set against a color backdrop in a clear display case. Nestled into a sleeve on the reverse is a 64-page full-color book packed with fascinating scientific facts and the latest discoveries about each animal and its environment. Suitable for ages 6--9. Illustrations by Will Vinton Studios.


Dinosaur Dioramas to Cut & Assemble - Step back in time to the Mesozoic era with this book created by noted dinosaur expert Matthew Kalmenoff. Cut and assemble two dioramas, then add 31 proportional cut-out figures - 19 animals and 12 plants. Complete instructions 2 assembly diagrams. 14 full-color plates. Captions. Author introduction.


Zip Bin Dinosaur Set

ZipBin Dinosaur Playset ZipBin is more than great-looking storage. It's a portable play world that unzips to reveal space to play, create and imagine. And it's easy to clean up... in a zip!

The Dinosaur storage bin's dramatic exterior theme identifies the contents and will look great in your child's room. When the bin is unzipped, it becomes a dinosaur island play mat, complete with a colorful island, a volcano, and oozing tar pit and a mysterious cave. When play is done, the play mat becomes the storage bin in a zip, capturing the toys inside. Includes four dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Saurolophus, Triceratops, and Compsognathus, 4-5" long. ZipBin measures approximately 16" x 13" x 9".

Dozen Jumbo Dinosaurs up to 6 inches long