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Harry Potter Dioramas


Return to Hogwarts with these resin dioramas featuring the series' most popular characters! Based on actor Alan Rickman's likeness, the 7" tall Severus Snape statue reproduces Hogwart's conflicted Potions Master. Actor Rupert Grint inspired the 7" tall Ron Weasley statue, and actress Emma Watson and her ginger locks are painstakingly recreated in the 7" tall Hermione Granger statue. Finally, Harry Potter himself is sculpted based on actor Daniel Radcliffe, and stands 7" tall. Each resin statue is hand-painted and comes with a detailed display base. Painted and ready to display.


Harry Potter Resin Diorama - Harry Potter




Harry Potter Snape Diorama

Harry Potter Snape Diorama





Hermione Diorama

Harry Potter Resin Diorama - Hermione Granger




Ron Weasley Diorama

Harry Potter Resin Diorama - Ron Weasley