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The Homecoming Diorama

Here is another great military themed diorama made by Luis. But this diorama doesn't look at the "Arms" aspect of the military. It looks more at the soldier and family aspect. It adds a bit of a human touch to the subject of being a soldier.

My thanks go to him for sharing with us another great diorama. He has made many dioramas of various types including military, shadowbox and fantasy. You can check them out right here: Dioramas by Luis

This is a unique diorama and one of the remarkable things about it is how it is housed. It is inside a lantern! What a great way to build a diorama. I often have said in many of my tutorials that the way you house or display a diorama can lend a lot to the overall look and feel of it.

Homecoming diorama in a lantern


Open the lantern to reveal the diorama

You open the door of the lantern and the diorama is seen inside.

Closeup of the diorama

Luis tells us about how he made this diorama:

He gives us some excellent advice and tips on how to find and make miniature objects like magazines, books, clothing and more.

HOMECOMING! This is Something that all veterans know too well whether they come home for leave or at an end of a deployment overseas that things (WINK! WINK!) happen.

BASE - A decorative metal glass lantern
On the 'floor' is a black cloth on the bottom with an overlay
of a piece of an old decorative curtain
The curtains on the windows are from a decorative nylon sheet


FURNITURE - the dresser, drawers, bed and bedside tables are from Verlinden
Sofa Chair is from Plus Models from the Czech Republic

The shelf behind the bed is scratch-built from very thin balsa wood

Mirror is from a from a doll house set.










The Verlinden Figures

FIGURES - From the Verlinden 1/35 set called Rest & Recreation. On the male
figure there are 2 Marine Corps tattoos from












The dog came from a kit I can't remember for I had it for some years

FURNISHINGS - within the 'room' there are several home furnishings:
Vase and home décor are from items used to make necklaces and earring.
Perfume bottles are from the same items, which I used super glue to mix match them to look like perfume bottles.

The bookshelf and poster

Books and magazines are from actual book I got online and miniaturized them and printed them out and cut them. I then glued the 'book covers' onto a piece of wood cut to side to give them thickness.
Flatscreen TV and laptop was from a online dollhouse downloadable printable print.

The USMC Poster and memorabilia and family picture are from actual items I got online and miniaturized them, printed them out and cut them. I then glued the 'book covers' onto a piece of wood cut to side to give them thickness.







The miniature clothing

CLOTHING - women's dress is scratch-built from an actual old dress my wife
was going to throw away. The bra and underwear (view the laptop) are miniaturized cutout. High heel shoes are scratched-built from Milly Putty.
Man's Dress Blue uniform jacket has been converted from the German officer dress uniform from the Verlinden 1/35 set Rest & Recreation. It was then painted to
what the jacket is supposed to be. The USMC rank and medals are from the internet that I miniaturized and cutout. The dress pants are from a cutout. The shoes were cut from a pair of legs from a 1/35 figure, which the top was drilled out to look like real shoes. USMC dress hat on the dresser was from the same kit but colored it to USMC standards.




Milk bone box

EXTRAS - Milkbone dog biscuits - a online dollhouse cutout that I miniaturized and cutout.







The blanket and dog
Blanket - a cut piece of cloth that I frayed and drew in some designs, then it was soaked in a water and white glue solution, then molded to the form you see in the picture.





Glasses and bottles - are from MiniArt Models







Verlinden Rest and Recreation -



Bark at the Moon Wolf Shadowbox

Here is a shadowbox that combines a variety of different techniques. It has diorama making techniques and it also has a light (for the moon) and music by Ozzy. Bark at the Moon




Are you a spy or a peeping tom? The shadowbox

Another wonderful dioram Sometimes a shadowbox or diorama is a miniature scene frozen in time. And sometimes it is also a puzzle to be carefully put together. Check out this shadowbox built by a web visitor (Luis) . Are you a spy or a peeping tom shadowbox