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Return of the cursed Legion, Ring of rule, fantasy game system

There are a lot of terrific fantasy game systems out there that are more than just games. I mean that the aspect of a created fantasy world is very important in these games. And, typically you will have some kind of a built layout to play the game on.

But, sometimes you can just have some fun with the landscape and scenery and not actually play the game! This is exactly what Jeff has done. He like the diorama and the landscape but doesn't play the game!

Here are some pictures of what he has done with Return of the cursed legion.


This is what he has to say about it:

Hello Will the figures are28mm Zvezda (have downloaded the box artwork photos).As you can see its called Return of the cursed Legion,Ring of rule, fantasy game system.It also contains rules book with maps & a story.This is part of a large collection of castles ect,the figures i have are Royal Infantry there the good guys the skeleton warriors are the cursed legion.I bought this box 3 years ago at a bargain price from a local model shop.

I assembled & painted all of the many many pieces just for the sake of it really,Ive never played the game.As I'm not a game player .Although i thought i could make some kind of scenery to go with them.I like your web site very much and have taken interest in your videos,i see you also have game sheets to download(claim the throne & slay the dragon)adventure.There are dice for roll playing movement ect. My web cam photos seem a bit faded in colour but i bought a Necromancer separate that belongs with the game (photo). This is another model piece that i made with a part ruined castle tower & bridge,it could have a river bed but i have painted over it green. It could do with a few more features we will see.Again i never really had anything special in mind i just made it up myself off the top of my head.

Return of the Cursed Legion Box

Return of the Cursed Legion



Jeff also has another diorama you might want to check out:

Volcano Diorama How about making an interactive diorama with a working volcano! Yup, this is exactly what Jeffrey has done. Check it out here: The volcano diorama




How to Make a Volcano

How to Make a Volcano

This is a nice little project that has some improvements over the typical volcano. It is less mess and easy to clean. The bottle in the middle comes right out so you can clean it and do it again. It is also in a nice little box so the magma stays controlled - Less Mess How to Make a Volcano - New: The Mentos and Diet Coke Volcano - Fires a stream high into the air!



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