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The Irish Spring Diorama

This diorama project is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. It involves the box from a product. In this case it is the box from a bar of Irish Spring soap.

I show you some very basic diorama making techniques that you can do. And it is all very miniature which makes it really neat to look at.



Large image of the Irish Spring Diorama


This project is shows something with a lot of potential. We all get lots of products in packaging that could be turned into a diorama. And I like the idea of the diorama mirroring the type of product. In this case the box is "Irish Spring" so the diorama is a scene of spring in Ireland.

Various Product Boxes

And there is a lot of potential with this idea. All kinds of packaging can be used. One of my favorites is pasta boxes. They usually have a little clear window so you can see the pasta. That window is a great opportunity for a little diorama. For the Prince Medium Shells box you see in this picture a beach scene with lots of shells would be a great project.


The scene insert

We make it easily by building the whole diorama on a small piece of cardboard. That way we can work on it. Once it is done it is slid into the box.

And I show you a few different techniques in this project including how to make the cute little tree which is simply brown paper bag and white glue.


A fairy Ring

The diorama also has a neat little Fairy Ring around the tree. A fairy ring is a circular formation of mushrooms that form around trees or sometimes simply on grass. There is a lot of Irish Folklore around Fairy Rings. You can learn more about them on Wikipedia here

And if you are fascinated by Ireland I have taken a trip there and got a series of pictures of various castles. You can check out my trip to Ireland in the travel section of my website right here.


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Okay, Let's start making the diorama

Choose how you are going to cut open the packaging. If you are using a box with a clear plastic window then there is no cutting needed. But in the case of this diorama I am going to cut away most of the front of the box, leaving the words "Irish Spring" and the curve near the bottom.

The cut box


Then I cut a rectangle of corrugated cardboard as an insert that goes into the box. This is the base of the diorama. We will make the scene right on top of this piece of cardboard.

The cardboard base


Let's continue with the project and make the miniature tree



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