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You can make diorama terrain with paper mache

Paper mache is a brilliant, and easy, way to make 3-dimensional structures. And this includes making all kinds of terrain and landscapes for dioramas.

In this tutorial I show you how to easily do it. And I show you three different options for making the paper mache paste.

This picture shows the diorama terrain that we make in this tutorial. It is a small rocky mountain with a cave and the diorama is called "The moment of courage".


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Quick overview of what paper mache is

You mix together a paste (1). Then you dip strips of paper in it (2). Finally you apply those strips to a shape or form.

In this diorama tutorial we create a form with strips of cardboard. And we apply the strips of paper mache to that.

It's fun. And it is very easy to do. I will show you three different paper mache pastes you can make and use.


Okay, Let's make it (continue)


Here is an excellent paper mache paste that I have used. It is what I used for the diorama shown above.


Elmer's Art Paste - This is a paper mache mix. It is excellent. I have used it. And, the paste is storable. You can mix it up, use it then store the unused portion for later use.