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Make Miniature trees with Electro-static flocking

There are lots of ways to make miniature trees for your scenes, dioramas and other projects. This is a unique and different way to do it and it was suggested to me by a web visitor. (A tip by Jennifer Atchison).

She also tells us how she does it:

I find this technique works best with 32 gauge wire. but use steel wire so it will hold its shape at that small size.
The glue is just white glue mixed with water. if the glue is too thick, it will block up some of the detail. 
I connect the ground wire to the bottom of the trunk, since its a wire tree, that electrifies the whole thing.  Be aware that under certain circumstances, a steel wire tree can become slightly magnetized this way, so keep metals away while you flock. 


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The completed trees that we made

The miniature trees

And here is one of Jennifer's trees before and after the flocking:

The copper wire tree



How to Do it:

Materials Used:

  • Wire (Ideally 32 Gauge) but you can vary this for different size trees and we tried florist wire, craft wire and aluminum wire. They all worked well.
  • Mod Podge or white glue. It can be watered down but if it falls from the wire and doesn't stick you can try undiluted.
  • An electrostatic flocking machine - Here is the company that makes this machine
  • Flocking
  • Some pliers to bend and twist the wire
  • Various accessories you would like to add including paint and a pot
  • Optionally some foam or pieces of foamboard as a temporary base


Supplies and tools


The Flocking Tool

Here is the flocking tool that I use. It holds two D batteries for power. There is a sieve on the end and notice the white wire with a banana clip on the end of it.


Add the flocking material

You fill the sieve with the flocking material.

Cut wire lengths

Cut up plenty of lengths of wire. The more lengths you make the more complex your tree can be.


Shape a tree

Bend and twist the wire into a tree shape. And you can research trees to get a sense of their shape.

Add glue to tree

Optionally you can hot glue your tree to some kind of foam or foamboard base. This is temporary and it also gives you protection from getting little zaps from the electrostatic flocker.


Paint the miniature tree

If desired you can paint your tree. Let it completely dry before applying the flocking.



Mix glue and water

Now we want to apply glue or mod podge to the tree. You can put a dollop of glue and a dollop of water in a container like this. Then you can manage how much of each you apply to the wire tree.


Apply lead to tree


Apply the lead of the flocker to the tree.


Add flocking

Apply the flocking. do a first layer and let it dry. You can then add little dabs of glue and add a second layer.


Flocking applied

This picture shows a first layer has been applied and dabs are ready for another layer of flocking.

Tree looks good

Now you can have some fun with it. Add it to your diorama, or create its own little potting scene like this.


Deciduous Tree Kit, Large (7)

Deciduous Tree Kit, Small (36)

Pine Forest Tree Kit, 2-4"

More Trees at Amazon.com


Saver Portable Electrostatic Handy Grass Carpet Applicator Micro Flocking Machine for Architecture Model

Descriptions: Portable Type Electrostatic Handy Grass Carpet Applicator Micro Flocking Machine This flocking machine is the outcome of adoption of new technologies and new processes after repeated test and research on the circuit board. Circuit inside the handle with low power dissipation and high voltage output, makes this flocking machine quite strong flocking capacity. It is easy to operate, lightweight, and of long working life. Suitable for planting, lanscape, construction, railway models. Specifications: Power supply: 2x1.5V battery (Batteries are not included) Material: ABS Plastic Color: As shown in pictures Total Length: 35cm Handle Diameter: 3.6cm Bottle Height: 11.6cm Bottle Diameter: 9.2cm Weight: 321g Note: No touching the wire net when machine operates HOW TO UES: 1. Half bottle of grass 2. Put the high-voltage wire hanging on the bottle mouth to connect the wire net 3. Coat with cement on the surface where to flock 4. Insert the ground wire into a place near the flocking surface 5. Power on 6. Press operation button and wave up and down 7. Grass flocking fall down on the surface Package Included:cluded: 1x Mini Flocking Machine 1x Manual 1 Bag of Green Flocking


What is electro-static flocking and how do you do it?

It is a great way to make grass that actually stands up on the terrain just like real grass. I have a video tutorial showing you how to do it right here: Electrostatic Flocking



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