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The Sword in the Stone Diorama

Time for another fun and easy to make diorama. In this tutorial we make a Sword in the Stone diorama with some paper mache and a miniature sculpture, which we made in another tutorial.

This is a great small diorama which can be later turned into a piggy bank!

If you want to check out the tutorial on how to sculpt the miniature Arthur we have that right here: Sculpt a miniature Arthur


Sword in the Stone diorama large completed picture


Paper mache base for stone

First, start by Creating your large stone base. You can do this with paper mache using a balloon or a bunch of balled up newspaper. Alternatively if you have a stone that is the right size you can use this as well. If you choose to use a stone the next few steps will be unnecessary for your diorama. Once you have your base if you used paper mache cut a hole in the bottom and pull our your base in order to speed the drying process.

Adding the first layer of paint to the stone

Once you have your base it's time to paint it. We first painted it black and then dry brushed it a few times using a lighter shade of gray each time.


Sealing the paint with mod podge

After this seal your paper mache  stone with a few layers of mod podge in order to seal the paint and solidify the stone a little bit.


Adding a little moss to the top of our stone

Now, spread a little mod podge here and there on the top of the stone and add a little terrain grass to finish to add a little moss to your stone.


The Sword in the Stone diorama after being converted to a piggy bank

Lastly, glue in your miniature to the top of the stone. We used a miniature sculpture we made in a previous tutorial, however you can use anything you like. Toys, legos, and store bought miniatures should suffice. Remember be creative. If you find a miniature you like that is missing that little something extra you can always modify it. Once again if you used a paper mache base instead of an actual stone you can easily convert it to a piggy bank. All you need to do is add a slot at the top and use the hole you cut in the bottom earlier for where you empty out the change. Now, your done and you have a great diorama with a little functionailty!


Here is the tutorial on how to sculpt the miniature Arthur


A Castle Diorama - Charles uses his brick making skills to make a castle diorama.. You can check that out here. The Castle diorama


The Medieval Ruins

This is a terrific little diorama made just about all out of foam. Brian shows us pics and tells us some of his techniques for making the medieval ruins diorama.


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