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Drawing of a Wizard Fox

This is a pencil drawing made by Jack and my thanks go to him fo sending in the drawing.

He gives us some information on how he drew this fox. Here is what he says:

Well, I just used a regular no. 2 pencil. As for the techniques, it helps to understand what you are drawing. It also helps to have a lot of patience with drawing these pictures. Another tip I have is if you are going to draw furries, it also helps to have an understanding of what animal you are drawing (in my case, foxes), as well as the human figure. Hope this helps all who views the fantasy art section!

You can also see Jack's Forge King here



Remember! If you do some fantasy drawings be sure to send them in. And add some information on how you did it including what tools you used.

Jack has added more to his collection of drawings. My thanks go to him for contributing more great stuff!! He tells us how he made these two drawings:

"I just used a number 2 pencil, like the other one, except these I drew after starting  an online course called the Structure of Man, which is done by a guy named River Phoenix. The course overall is pretty good, but only the first 19 lessons are free. That aside, I would like to say that before you venture I to drawing anthropomorphic animals (or plants, if you like), look up some  pictures of the animal you wish to draw. But, then again, that's just me, and you can completely  disregard my advice if you like. Anyway, happy drawing!"

This one is a Deer Assassin

Three foxes


Pair of foxes





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