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Diorama buildings

Here are some amazing structures built by a web visitor (Charles B.) He has really mastered the art of making various types of buildings. A couple of things to note in these pictures is the brickwork and the shingle work on the roof. These bricks are hand made using Das Pronto clay and I have a tutorial that shows you how to do this. How to make bricks in a diorama.


These pictures are of barn like structures but they are also very suitable as medieval type buildings. The basic building structure and process is the same. If you need to make some buildings for your diorama you can examine these pictures and get some great ideas on how to do it.

DAS clay

Das Pronto Air Dry Modeling Clay terra cotta 1.1lb


Brick building

This next picture shows you the amazing roof structure placed on this building.

Brick building and wood thatched roof


The wall and door


The door


Brick columns


Wooden structure in a building


Wood structure


Conflix Building

1/72 Tavern Diorama


Coonflix building

1/72 Merchant's House Diorama


Peasants house

New series of Tutorials I have just begun work on a medieval village. This is going to be quite an amazing diorama. I have a main page for that whole project and have completed the first tutorial in that series called How tto Make a Medieval Peasant's House . Go to the medieval village page


Brick wall and window

How to make Realistic Looking Bricks and BrickWalls - Charles shows us how in this tutorial

Great little tutorial showing you how to make realistic looking bricks and brick walls.