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How to Make a Magneto Helmet (X-Men)

This is a fun project and it is pretty easy to do. You just need some paper, flour, water and a balloon. I show you how to do everything from beginning to end. And I also have the template packet that you can download and print up. This way you don't have to figure out the size and shape of it.

You can download the pdf packet on this helmet right here: The Magneto Helmet

This project idea was given to me by a web visitor (Jozef) He made one based on my spartan helmet project. You can see his helmet here: Jozef's Magneto Helmet


THis is a tutorial on how to make a magneto helmet. The picture below shows the completed helmet.


The magneto helmet


Magneto helmet

Can you make this Magneto Helmet? You sure can. Here is a picture of a helmet made by Matt R. using this tutorial. It came out fantastic and he used a much better color scheme!


Magneto helmet

And here is a magneto helmet made by Muhd. Wow! It came out great!

The process is pretty simple:

1. Print up the packet. There are seven pages. One page is the title page. The other six pages contain the six parts of this helmet. Cut those pieces out and glue them to a firm paper. Something like posterboard works good. Cereal box cardboard also works good.


The template

Tape the two large pieces together and form them into a circle. Fit this circle on your head so it is a very loose fit.


The balloon

Blow up a balloon and insert it into the helmet. It should form a nice crown on the helmet. And it should be a nice tight fit.


Add paper mache

Let's make and apply the paper mache.

In a large bowl mix two cups of flour with two cups of water and a tablespoon of salt. Mix it up until it is nice and smooth.

Cut lots of strips of paper towel (or newspaper) so they are about 2 inches wide.

Dip the paper towel in the paper mache mix and wipe off the excess and apply it to the helmet.

Cover the whole helmet with these strips of paper mache. Be sure to overlap all the strips. This will make it much stronger.

By over lap I mean that each strip covers half of the strip you placed just before it.


Now, Once the helmet is completely covered go ahead and set it aside to dry. It will probably take overnight. But if you point a fan at it you can dry it in an hour.

Then apply another full coat of paper mache and let that dry. I recommend you do at least three coats of paper mache for a strong helmet.

Let it dry

This picture shows the first coat is dry and I am going to be doing the second coat. But, notice how I have it standing up on a coffee can. Put something like this under your helmet. It makes it so much easier to paper mache it!


Paint it

Now paint the helmet black. Well, you can paint it any color you want. I like the black color scheme.



Painting it

Paint the remaining pieces (ornaments) silver.


Add detail

Once everything dries glue the front piece onto the helmet. And glue the strip around the bottom.


The completed helmet

And there you go! The Magneto Helmet is complete!


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