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Halloween Tatebanko Project


This is a nice little tatebanko project that you can print up and put together. I give you everything you need including the tatebanko box. You can of course add your own little parts to it. Just a matter of your imagination.

This scene is a cemetary scene.

This is one of my tatebanko projects and you can go to my tatebanko home page for more projects.

I also have a companion video to this project so you can see the booklet, the completed tatebanko and get more ideas on how to make it. This video is at the bottom of this page.

If you are looking for more Halloween projects I have them right here: Halloween Projects

If you are looking for kids halloween costumes and stuff Amazon.com has a great store for it right here


Tatebanko cemetary


This project is in the form of a five page pdf that you can download right here: The Tatebanko Halloween

The materials

You can just print it up, cut out the pieces and put it together. But, it is difficult to do with printer paper. That kind of paper isn't very strong. If you have sheets of card stock put that in your printer and print out the booklet on that. If you don't have card stock you can simply print out the booklet and glue stick the various parts to thin cardboard (Cereal box cardboard works pretty well) then cut out the pieces and put it all together.

The picture shows the booklet and a completed tatebanko halloween box.

Have fun!



I recommend you cut out all the pieces and glue or glue stick them down to the bottom sheet. Once this is done you can build the rest of the box around it. It can be tricky to build the box first then try to get your hand in there to glue in the various parts.


Our Tatebanko Project on Amazon.com

Dragons Lair

Available on Amazon.com here: Tatebanko Paper Diorama - Dragon's Lair

Tatebanko, or paper dioramas, often depict traditional scenic perspectives but can be used to create almost any amazing diorama. Uniquely combining two-dimensional materials to create and three-dimensional space, this ancient Japanese art and hobby originated in the Edo period (17th century) and remained popular into the 20th century before it was nearly forgotten. StormTheCastle.com has revived this wonderful pastime for your enjoyment! Enclosed in this package you will find everything you need to create your very own tatebanko box! This Tatebanko project is easy to make and looks spectacular. Picture a red dragon sleeping upon his treasure trove in its dark, deep lair with the remains of adventurers past scattered about the cave. Suddenly, it smells something... delicious-it smells a knight-our knight, bravely entering the lair where the awakened dragon is biding his time, waiting in the dark for a hero to emerge and rise to the challenge!


Some Authentic Japanese Tatebanko Projects


Paper diorama

Paper diorama Kit - Tatebanko: Hokusai




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