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The Creativity of it: The P51 Model Airplane

The P51 was a pretty easy model to build. It is something for beginners. And it was a fun project.

But typically with something like this I want to take it a little bit further. So I build a diorama to showcase the model.

This time I did something different.


The P51 Mustang


For instance, with this M5A1 light tank I built a diorama called "Crossroads" You can check that project out right here




And here is a simple and attractive diorama of an airplane made by a web visitor. Terrific little diorama with a Cessna Bird Dog just over thick foliage and bush. In this tutorial Glen shows us how to make the bush look real. The Bird Dog Diorama



But I wanted to do something a little different. So I just sat there and thought about it. What could I do? Well, I started thinking about airplanes and all the flights I had taken. All the various military aircraft I have seen and then I thought about the fact that getting my pilots license has been on my wish list for a long time now. That's another story.

And then it popped. How about I green screen myself into the airplane while it was flying? And from there I could do a little bit of explaining about the scale of the model aircraft.


Green screeningIt is easy enough to green screen myself into the airplane. But I wanted to make it a little more detailed. I wanted it to feel like I was in the airplane. So that meant setting up a piece of green screen behind me and a piece in front of me.





The sky background

But I also wanted the feeling of motion. And that meant I needed a cloudy sky to roll by in the background. So I ordered a large roll of wall paper with a cloud pattern on it. And built a little setup so I could roll it.






Filming the airplane in the foreground

And that was it. I could shoot with the plane in the foreground while I rolled the cloudy background.






Here is how it looks through the camera.







And that was pretty much it. I had to order some stuff and then I had another ten hours of work to build the green screen setup but it was worth it. Lot of fun and a little bit different.


And with a little bit of computer magic i was riding in an airplane with the clouds floating by.


Here is my first drawing for the idea. This is what I first sketched out.


If you haven't seen the video yet it is right here:




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