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A Tatebanko Box

Here is an empty box project that you can download and put together so you can make your own tatebanko paper diorama project.


The Tatebanko Box

This box is very simple to make and it gives you a great way to start in the art of paper dioramas. You simply print it out, cut out the pieces, glue them to some kind of a card stock and assemble it together. Instructions for assembly are in the printout. I recommend you use a very thin card stock like the kind that they make manila envelopes or folders out of. Cereal box cardboard will work but it's a bit thick and will prove a little bit of a challenge. You shouldn't just use the print out paper though it will be too flimsy.


Tatebanko Castle

Note: If you came this page directly from a search engine and would like a complete tatebanko project to make I have a tatebanko castle that you can download, print and put together. The Tatebanko Castle


begin assembly of the box

Here is a basic picture of how you start this project. You would glue all your various scene pieces to the base first. Once you have that done you would then build the box around it by beginning with the back piece as shown. My base has nothing on it .


The worksheet to download

Here is the packet you can download and print out. It is in Microsoft Word format The Tatebanko Box workbook

I also have the Tatebanko box as a pdf for you to download and print



paper diorana

Paper diorama Kit - Tatebanko: Hokusai




Edvard Munch the Scream DIY 3D Paper Craft Kit (Tatebanko Japanese Paper Art Diorama)