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How to make a cardboard dungeon

Dungeons for table top gaming can be expensive to make or to buy. In this tutorial I show you how to easily make good looking dungeons out of cardboard. And it is durable.

And the opportunities are unlimited in terms of creativity.

Everything is modular so you can make rooms, corridors and more. Then lay them all out in umlimited ways. This way your dungeons are always different.

I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.





But if it's the hex pattern template you want. I have that for you right here: HEX template.

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They call them dungeon tiles and they can be made in any size or shape. You can make a wide variety of them and keep them all in a box for future use. Generally for table top gaming you will draw a grid on them.

And there really is no limit to what you can make. You can make stairways, rooms of any shape, corridors, second and third floors, basements, caverns, caves and anything at all that you need.

I will show you how to make a variety of them and how to make them durable and good looking.

Various dungeon pieces


If you want to keep it simple you can just make flat pieces for rooms and corridors.









Or you can make three dimensional rooms, corridors and more.








I also give you the template to download and print if you want to make your dungeon with a hexagonal grid pattern.









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