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Make a miniature cardboard catapult

Ok! Thanks for coming over from youtube right away!

The tutorial is coming today but the template is all set and ready for you right here: Mini cardboard catapult template

I also have a youtube video for this project right here



This is a fun little project and you can probably get it done in half an hour. And, you are going to be surprised by how powerful it is!

I also have some suggestions for how to use it:

You can make a catapult and have somebody else make one then the two of you can compete to see who's catapult shoots the furthest.

You also can use the same catapult with someone else to compete and see who can get the projectile into a cup that is five feet away!


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Tools and Materials

  • 1 piece of corrugated cardboard about a foot square
  • 1 rubber band
  • glue or glue gun
  • knife to cut cardboard with

X-acto designer series knife #1 blade (This is Will's favorite X-acto knife)

Hot glue gun

Will's Favorite Hot Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun, Black

Note the model number. That's the important thing. Sometimes they change the colors of this glue gun but it's the same model.


Print up the template (it's right here)







Place the template on your cardboard and with a ballpoint pen trace over the lines. Press down firmly. This creates a crease in the cardboard that you can see.

Use a ruler or straightedge so the creases you create are nice and straight.




Once you have all the pieces traced you can remove the template and draw the lines on those creases.

You have transferred the pattern of the pieces from the template to the cardboard.





You end up with eleven pieces. Looking good!







If you have trouble with this method of transferring the template pieces to the cardboard you can always just cut the pieces out of the template, lay them on the cardboard and trace them.





Now cut all those pieces out.







Okay! Let's build this catapult -Continue