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Make a Pool Noodle Sword

Will is currently creating this tutorial. But, the video tutorial is ready and right here on this page.

You can also watch the tutoiral on his youtube channel here



Overview: I bought a bunch of pool noodles at the family dollar for a dollar each. I also bought a thicker one that cost three dollars.

I recommend you make at least two of them so the kids can duel!

A couple of things about this project. It is safe, kind of like a nerf sword. And through trial and error I have come up with a design that is strong. I made several versions and let the kids have fun with them. Then I could see how they broke and how to make them stronger/better. This is all figured out for you.

We also trim the noodle down to sword size which gives us extra noodle to make a dagger with.

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What you need:

  • 1 pool noodle per sword
  • Some cardboard for the handle
  • A knife to cut carboard with
  • Glue or hot glue


They come in different diameters. You have discretion as to which size to purchase. For a good average sword get the smaller one that is about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. And be sure it has a hole running through it.






I bought a couple of different sizes. The larger orange one here I made into a bigger two-handed sword.







Measure the diameter of the hole in your noodle. Mine is just a little under an inch in diameter.

So, we are going to make the stem of the sword a little bit less than that so we can insert the handle into the noodle.





Draw out your sword handle on a piece of cardboard. The overall length of mine is 18 inches. The stem is about 3/4 inch wide and the handle is 2 inches wide. The handle width is important. If it is too thin it will be flimsy and prone to breaking. Two inches is a good width.



Cut that handle out.








Then use it as a template to make three more.

But, here is a tip that will make your sword handle much stronger.

Trace and cut two of them so the corrugations in the cardboard go side to side. And trace and cut two of them so the corrugations run the long length. This alternation of corrugations will make the handle much stronger.

The white lines on the image below show the direction of corrugations.


Now glue together all four of those layers creating the stack with the corrugations alternated just like in the picture.

Cut a slot in an end of the pool noodle.


And slide it onto the sword.

It looks good. This aspect is important. It adds a lot of strength to the sword. It will be much more durable.

Glue it down firmly.


The only thing remaining is to trim down the length of the sword. I measured the blade to 30 inches and cut it there. The pool noodle, in its original length is definitely too long!

And that's it. Your pool noodle sword is complete. You are going to be very pleased with how durable, yet how safe, it is!



When trimming down the sword we end up with a foot of extra noodle. Well... that would be perfect to make a dagger. Let's make one!

Let's make the pool noodle dagger


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Watch the video right here: