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Cattle Drive Diorama

Here is another amazing diorama made by Luis. This one very adeptly captures motion in a single moment. It is a tricky thing to do but the scene and arrangement does it very well. This diorama really gives you a sense of all the figures in motion.

Luis has made a whole lot of dioramas covering a wide variety of subjects, themes, and time periods. You can check them out right here: Dioramas by Luis


Luis tells us about this diorama and the inspiration for it:

This 1/72 diorama is based from a recent trip I took to Texas to see my brother. While down there I went to Fort Worth which was historical a cattle drive depot. The Fort Worth Herd is the world's only twice daily cattle drive, held every day at 11:30 AM & 4:00 PM in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Drives are not held on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. The Fort Worth Herd Trail Boss determines drive cancellations due to inclement weather and necessary onsite changes.

The Fort Worth Herd steers can be viewed before and after cattle drives in their pens behind the Livestock Exchange Building on East Exchange Avenue.

The Base - is basically static grass glued to a broad, with some bushes made from Woodland Scenic material. If you take a closer look on the base where the cattle is placed you will see flattened grass and plowed dirt to make the ground look like it has been disturbed by a hundred hoofs.

The Cattle - came from various set : Imex, Pegasus, Preiser, Nexus and painted in acrylic

The Cowboys - came from Nexus and a German company Germania Figuren all painted in acrylic. Notice some articles of clothing the cowboys are wearing, they are American Civil War Army issued uniforms.

The dog is from Preiser








Luis uses Woodland Scenics materials for the groundwork in this diorama. Amazon has a whole assortment of these materials: Woodland Scenics Materials

Woodland Scenics Turf

Fine Turf Shaker, Green Grass

Comes in Shaker. Ads texture and highlights to trees and scenery. Available in six realistic colors, which model fresh, scorched and dying grasses, weeds and dirt roads. This is perfect for laying out grass on your diorama or terrain. You just brush or spray white glue onto the surface and sprinkle this on. This container holds a lot of material so you will get a lot of terrain coverage out of it.



Bushes, Light Green

Models medium-to-large ground cover. It is great for landscaping hillsides. Create shrubs, bushes and trees with five colors and a fall mix.

You can glue these small pieces to terrain to make bushes and rough terrain, or do it in groups to form areas of bush and brush.

Realistic Water

Realistic Water, 16 fl oz

Perfect for making lakes, ponds and waterways. This stuff is the easiest to use. It takes overnight to dry and you will probably need to do several layers depending on how deep you want your water to be.

Field Grass

Field Grass, Light Green

This is perfect for making stalks and clumps of grass. It really looks good and adds realism. I have a tutorial on how to use this here: Make Tufts of Grass