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How to make realistic tufts of grass for your diorama

This video shows you exactly how to make realistic tufts of grass the easy way. All you need is some white glue and some bristly material like the bristles of a paintbrush. You can also purchase this materials and woodland scenics makes lots of different sizes and colors. I have included some of these products at the bottom of this page.






Amazon.com has a whole lot of Woodland Scenics stuff: More Woodland Scenics Materials Here

Field Grass, Light Green

This is perfect for making stalks and clumps of grass. It really looks good and adds realism. I have a tutorial on how to use this here: Make Tufts of Grass




Woodland Scenics Diorama grass Woodland Scenics Field Grass, Light Green





Harvest Gold

Field Grass, Harvest Gold




Natural straw

Field Grass, Natural Straw





Scene-A-Rama Kits

Basic Diorama Kit

Scene-A-Rama Basic Diorama Kit - Use this kit to create a flat, landscaped surface for your project. It includes everything you need to make plains, prairies, grasslands, farmlands, woods and meadows.


Scene A Rama Foliage and Grasses

Scene-A-Rama Bushes, Foliage & Grasses Kit - Use this kit to create short and tall grasses, weeds, bushes, shrubs, hedges, ivy, flowering plants and roads and paths.