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Diorama of a Dream

Here is a wonderful shadowbox style diorama made by a web visitor (John McKenna). This is very much my kind of diorama. A bit ethereal and even wired up for lighting.

Anyhoo, John did a terrific job on this diorama and my thanks to him for letting us know about it.


Here is what John has to say about the making of this diorama

Hi my name is John McKenna. I live in Glasgow. Scotland UK. I made this diorama this year, its a scene from a dream I've had on a few occasions, where I'm sitting at the fireplace in front of the cosy fire when the wall disappears and a golden floating staircase appears in the night sky,An old man with long hair and beard, dressed in white robes, appears at the large doorway with a little girl, He leads her up to the top doorway, which they go through and disappear . When he stops to open the door, she turns and waves happily at me. Its a strange dream and Ive told friends about it but could never quite explain it, that's why I made this to show others what a scene from it looked like.

It measures 21"X15"X5" I made the back box from ply wood, the wall, fireplace, staircase, skirting board,and door frames ,which are mounted over the glass,to give the effect that the glass is the wall. These are all made of Balsa wood,the figures are wire and air drying clay then painted.The night sky is velvet with glass diamonds as stars. Its lit by LED cold lighting, I was going to paint the scene but thought the 3D effect was more interesting to look at, I didn't know of your site till after I made this. Its a very good, and very informative website I think your Dioramas are fantastic to look at, there is so much depth and detail in them. I hope you can use these on your website. Thank you. Regards John.

Leaving Diorama


diorama of a dream


How to build dioramas

How to Build Dioramas - Looking for a good book on how to build Military dioramas and how to paint the models, tanks, airplanes and other things? This book is terrific. I own it and love it.



The Sword in the Stone

Here's a fun tutorial based around The Sword in the Stone. It depicts Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. I show you how to make the diorama and how to sculpt the miniature Arthur: The Sword in the Stone Diorama


The Medieval Ruins

This is a terrific little diorama made just about all out of foam. Brian shows us pics and tells us some of his techniques for making the medieval ruins diorama..




Swing Design Chroma Shadow Box Frame, 5 by 7-Inch, Charcoal Gray





Swing Design Display Shadow Box, Black, 12" by 12"





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