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Wall Diorama part 16 - The Torture Chamber

In this part of the series on the wall diorama I made the Torture Chamber and I show you how I made the small statue that is holding a sword.

I also have these tutorials in a series of youtube videos that you can view here: Wall diorama Video Tutorials



Here is a look at some of the key elements of this part of the diorama

Most of this tutorial is about the Torture Chamber part of the diorama. It's a reasonably simple layout with just a few parts. There are three stone columns and three instruments of pain. They are from left to right an Iron Maiden, a Rack and a Cage.

Torture Chamber



The sculpted statue

This is the miniature statue with sword that I have placed in the secret chamber. I sculpted this with ProCreate. I like ProCreate because it works well and it hardens to its finished form which means no baking. I have an extensive tutorial on how to sculpt minatures like this from start to finish How to Sculpt Fantasy Miniatures


The Statue

Here is the finished statue in place in the diorama. I mounted a red light in the ceiling above. And I painted it white then coated it with a gloss sealant to give it a marble statue look and feel.



The Rack

Here is the Rack. It is probably my favorite part in this section of the diorama. It is just some small pieces of balsa wood and some toothpicks.


Let's continnue on to Part 17 The Lizard's Temple


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